How to Organically Grow Your Instagram Channel in 2023

How ToHow to Organically Grow Your Instagram Channel in 2023

If you’re starting a channel on Instagram, growing the channel can be worrisome without a big marketing budget. 😯

But what if we tell you that growing your Instagram channel without spending a dime is no rocket science?πŸ’°

Sounds impossible?

In this article, we’ll walk you through five effective ways to grow your Instagram channel organically.

But before we begin, here’s (we mean cheers) to the benefits that organic strategies bring to your channel’s growth🍻

Benefits of Organic Instagram Growth

#1. Higher Engagement

When you interact with your audience regularly, the chances are they’re coming back to engage with your content (likes and comments).

This invites more users to your post and boosts your channel growth in no time.

#2. Creates Trust

People trust what they find easy to communicate with. Higher engagement boosts your brand recognition, and people will likely follow your account.

On the other hand, spending money to get fake followers may work in the short term but will give negative results in the long run.

#3. Lowers the Chance of Restrictions

Indulging in tricksters like using bots to increase likes and engagements on your post can catch you with a penalty. Outcome?

Your account could be banned temporarily or forever.

But you can avoid that by building an organic growth strategy on Instagram.

So, be clean and be patient with your actions. You’ll get there eventually.

#4. Gain New Customers

The best way to gain new customers is to treat everyone right. They’ll come to you when they see you’re following the right means and working hard behind the content.

The rise in followers gives you an excellent opportunity to retain and convert them into potential customers in the future.

So, how can you do it?

You already have a creative mind and the hunger to grow on Instagram. All you need is these 5 impressive strategies that can skyrocket your growth without dubious practices.    

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

#1. Consistency

Before you know it, social media trends are outdated quickly. But, if you want your audience to know you more, post consistently. 

The more you show up, the better they can understand your brand, which builds trust. According to a study, when consumers trust a brand, they are likely to do business with them.


If you go days or weeks without uploading any content, you may slip from their mind, and chances are your content becomes forgettable to them.

Having said that, consistent posts don’t mean you’ve to post daily or twice daily. It could interfere with the content quality.

What’s important is to strike a balance between consistency and putting out meaningful content.

Here’s what you can do to develop quality content:

  • Use catchy captions along with interactive content
  • Experiment with different kinds of posts like reels, carousels, and stories
  • Leverage Instagram analytics tools for optimal post timing
  • Try user-generated content    

#2. Profile and Post Optimization

While posting consistently on Instagram is crucial, optimizing your profile and content is equally important to leave a lasting impression on this platform.  

It’s essential that when people search for a particular hashtag or keyword, they get to see your profile. This gives them a sense of familiarity, and they connect more with your posts.

That can be achieved well by learning how to optimize your profile.

Without that, no matter how aesthetic your posts are, it’s good for nothing if they don’t surface when searched for.

So, how can you do that?


#3. Brand Voice

If you want to grow organically on Instagram, you need to define and promote your brand voice uniformly.

When someone visits your profile, they must know what you’re offering just by looking at your posts.

You can start by paying attention to detail while choosing the username and bio of your Instagram handle. Choose a name that associates with your brand voice.

Moreover, choose a specific colour palette and design your content around your niche. This could differentiate you from your competitors, and finding you on Instagram becomes stress-free.

For instance, if you page is regarding men, then your profile name, tone of the posts, and design of your page, everything should reflect the same:

bFzJWuxN4SfoxPNYZp9SNimbfvkOWlZAI8xi2Hq Y9IpqtOKx2uqiEDngMPppv 9lmQv43vOQMU028UyjqppTNL1qKfvzhWucv68jfOtgUplIkSG0JUVTOOGCY8 CXyy KDAPdY8jk5l3ZMNMLcVNsM

#4. Engagement

Growing on Instagram becomes easier when you engage with your followers, be it their queries in the DM or comments.

Not only that, but it can also increase and retain your followers and transform them into loyal customers.

So, create colourful content so that your followers can’t ignore you. Here’s how to do that:

  • Use Instagram Stories to tell more about your brand
  • Create catchy reels to keep your followers engaged 
  • Use Instagram Live to start direct communication with your tribe
  • Host giveaways and contests to gain traction   

#5. Cross Channel Promotion

0.1% of Instagram users are only active on Instagram. That means a large number of people who are active on Instagram also use other social media platforms.

So, why go solo on Instagram when you can reach more audiences by promoting your content on other platforms?

Cross-platform promotion compounds the benefits of your strategy, and you can extend your presence quickly.

It’s simple to do that.

Start adding your short clips of Instagram content to other channels, be it on Youtube or Facebook. This way, you can redirect other viewers to your channel.

You can also add various social media buttons in your website’s footer and content links for the full videos on other social media channels.

Wrapping Up

There are several ways to grow on Instagram, but there’s only one way to build meaningful customer relationships, create a lasting impression and stay ahead of your competitors- organic growth.

What’s more, these are all almost free to use. You don’t need to spend a penny on one of them, yet you can gain huge profits in the long run.

So, without thinking about spammy tricks, build an organic growth plan to level up your Instagram game.   

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