From Code to Cosmos: Vishal Arora’s Unexpected Journey to Astrology

Case StudyFrom Code to Cosmos: Vishal Arora's Unexpected Journey to Astrology

In our recent conversation, Vishal Arora, a name now synonymous with insightful astrology consultations, shared a fascinating story. It’s a story of a dedicated student, a successful IT professional, and ultimately, a passionate astrologer.

Vishal’s journey is a testament to the power of following your passion, no matter the path it takes you on. He embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and the courage to embrace the unexpected. Today, Vishal’s story extends beyond himself. He encourages his children to embrace their own passions, just as his parents did for him.

In doing so, he creates a legacy that goes beyond astrological charts – a legacy of following one’s dreams, no matter how unconventional the path may seem.

Vishal’s story begins in the heart of Delhi, India. Born and raised in a supportive household where both parents held government jobs, education was paramount. Vishal, a naturally studious child, thrived in environments that encouraged learning.

He gravitated towards studious groups, believing that academic excellence was the key to a bright future. This focus paid off when Vishal emerged as the All Delhi Topper in his 10th board exams.

Science held a particular allure for Vishal, and his interests soon narrowed down to the ever-evolving world of computers. After school, Vishal embark on a journey fueled by his fascination with technology. He pursued Computer Applications, followed by Software Engineering, a Master’s from Symbiosis, and finally, an MBA in IT.


Vishal’s professional life began at NIT Technology, his first foray into the dynamic IT industry. Vishal’s love of learning didn’t stop after his studies. He kept working hard to get even better at his IT skills. This dedication paid off, and he became a very respected Data Scientist, a job where you use information to solve problems.

Big companies like Infosys and DELL were impressed with Vishal’s talents and hired him to work for them. Vishal’s career even took him to other countries! He spent some time working in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

For more than 13 years, Vishal thrived in the exciting world of IT, solving problems and using his knowledge to make a difference. Throughout this period, Vishal’s parents remained his unwavering support system, encouraging his every step. This unwavering support extended to his most significant career shift – his foray into the world of astrology.

Even though Vishal had a successful career in IT, there was always a small part of him that was curious about astrology. This interest likely came from spending time with his grandfather, who also enjoyed learning about the stars and planets. However, Vishal’s first experiences with astrology weren’t great. He went to see a few different astrologers, but they all gave him different advice.

This was confusing for Vishal, and it left him feeling more unsure than ever. Determined to understand astrology better, Vishal decided to learn more from a respected teacher. His grandfather recommended a well-known Guru, and Vishal went to see him.

This teacher not only helped Vishal understand astrology much more deeply, but he also believed that Vishal had a real talent for it and could be very successful in this field.

Despite the Guru’s prophecy, Vishal harbored doubts. Leaving behind a successful IT career, with its high-profile position at DELL, was a daunting prospect. The financial security and opportunities enjoyed by his IT peers fueled his hesitation. Additionally, the lack of a family history in astrology added another layer of uncertainty.

Vishal wasn’t afraid of hard work. Even though he had a full-time job in IT, which can be very demanding, he still found time to learn more about astrology. This was a new passion for him, and he spent his evenings and weekends studying and practicing.

Back then, Facebook was the most popular social media platform, so Vishal used it to connect with people who were interested in astrology. This helped him build an audience and share his knowledge.

Over time, Vishal became more confident and knowledgeable about astrology. Since he already had a background in IT, he was able to use his tech skills to create a website that was easy for people to use. He also started using Instagram, which was becoming more popular, to reach even more people.

Insta 2

Vishal believes that it’s important to learn astrology properly and not take shortcuts. He encourages people to take their time and study the subject thoroughly from the beginning.

Social media can be a tricky thing. On one hand, you get to connect with lots of people and hear nice things about your work. On the other hand, there can also be mean comments and negativity. Vishal knows this all too well. But instead of letting the negativity get him down, he chooses to focus on the positive.

He listens carefully to helpful feedback that can make him better, and simply ignores the rude comments. This way, he can keep using social media to connect with the people who appreciate his work.

His philosophy is simple:

focus on the good, and use it to build a stronger foundation.

Moreover, Vishal uses Cosmofeed’s 1:1 Bookings feature to connect with his clients to share his spiritual wisdom and answer their queries.

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