Instagram vs Youtube: Which is The Better Way to Make Money?

Marketing & SalesInstagram vs Youtube: Which is The Better Way to Make Money?

Are you an aspiring influencer who gets puzzled when choosing a platform for themselves?

Instagram vs. Youtube: Both have gigantic user bases, and that makes it even more confusing to choose one.

This article tries to solve your dilemma by looking at the pros and cons of both Youtube and Instagram. After that, you can decide which platform is better for you.

But first, here are the 4 R’s you should keep in mind while choosing any platform.

Consider These 4R’s While Choosing a Platform

#1. Relevance

Before you indulge in the fight of Instagram vs Youtube income, it’s crucial to know whether the right audience is present on the channel or not.

That’s why you must ask- ”What portion of the target audience is present on the platform?

You can quickly check social media analytics and analyze your customer base to get a sense of that.  

#2. Relatable

You can’t post everything everywhere. It won’t reach anywhere.

So, engagement of the potential audience is the next step to consider while choosing one platform out of the two.

If you want to create short videos, like typical Gen Z content, Instagram is a better place. On the other hand, if you’re putting out how-to tutorials, Youtube would be a better choice in comparison.

#3. Reach

How much money you can make depends on how far your content can reach.

Rhyming enough? It makes sense as well.😉

With better engagements and outreach, you can enjoy immense growth and revenue.

That makes the reach of a social media platform an essential factor to consider while choosing a better option.

#4. Revenue

In the end, all things come down to money. Get answers to these questions:

  • Which platform pays you more?
  • Which one supports a frictionless transaction?

All these are monumental while narrowing down a better social media platform between Youtube and Instagram.

Is YouTube a Better Way to Make Money?

The answer depends on your objective. It’s an amazing platform for people and brands who want to deliver explicit content in fields like food, music, nature, travel, and others. 

Youtube boasts around 2.5 billion monthly users worldwide; in 2022 alone, its ad revenue clocked over $20 billion


Among the oldest platforms for content creators, YouTube is one of the most lucrative options for earning a living.

Having said that, it has its downside.

To understand better, let’s have a rundown on the pros and cons of making money via Youtube:


#1. Huge Audience

Over 122 million people use Youtube daily, and growing. Moreover, Youtube is available in more than 76 native languages in 88 countries.

This sums up the enormous magnitude of the audience on this platform.

Whether you want to be a fitness influencer or a travel vlogger, the stage is set for you to promote your brand and make a fortune.

What’s more, the Youtube audience is exceptionally varied. They consist of all age groups and generations. This allows you to experiment with diverse content, like long and short forms.

#2. Acquire Potential Leads

You must’ve seen influencers adding links to the products or services they’re promoting in the description. It’s easy to do that here.

This means Youtube guarantees you diverse traffic and potential leads and, eventually, loyal customers.

Moreover, people use Youtube as a search engine platform. So when they’re coming on your channel, they’re specifically looking for a product or a service.

This helps you narrow your content strategy and give a more targeted approach to create something captivating for users.

#3. Prefers High-Quality Video

Youtube requires a standard production value in the creator’s video. You need a high-quality camera and lightning unit to create videos.

If your videos lack quality, they will be buried soon among other average videos.

In addition, videos need proper editing and sound to rank in the top relevant searches.

Users love high-quality videos, thus creating more opportunities for brands and influencers to promote their business on Youtube.

#4. Pays Good Money

A Youtuber makes $3 to $5 for every 1000 views on their videos. So, it all depends on how big you can get.

You can make Rs 6.8 lakhs in India if your videos get a million views. That’s huge.


#1. Requires Certain Budget

Although Youtube promotes high-quality content, it can be disappointing for some people or brands with limited resources.   

Thus starting on Youtube can be a little difficult for them in the beginning.

#2. Not So Easy to Earn Money

Factually, you must’ve at least 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to enable Youtube monetisation. This can be herculean for most influencers starting on Youtube.

That’s why many of them give up in a short period.

Moreover, several other factors influence the revenue process, like the watch time. Not every video is counted as a view. 

For that, it must’ve been watched for at least 30 seconds.

All of this makes earning money on Youtube challenging.

Is Instagram a Better Way to Make Money?


Instagram is an excellent platform if you want a more personal connection with your customers. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it has a huge customer base that you can target.

When it comes to making money, emerging influencers and brands prefer Instagram. You can create super engaging cost-effective videos and monetize them by various means.

However, it has its drawbacks.

Let’s have a look at both up and downsides of Instagram so that you can choose better:


#1. Cost-effective

To start your Instagram career, you don’t have to be a very skilled creator. You can shoot a video on your phone, edit it via third-party apps and upload it there.

Unlike Youtube, Instagram doesn’t need a heavy production level to promote your brand. Top Instagram videos use a 9:16 resolution compared to Youtube, which uses a 16:9 format.

Moreover, Instagram has short-form content. That makes the production cost affordable as compared to other influencer marketing channels.

#2. Variety of Features

Instagram is not just about posting cool images. Its features like IG stories, reels, and Live videos make it one of the versatile social media platforms for influencer marketing.

This gives influencers and marketers more choices to come up with various content, increasing the chance of making more money.

#3. Better Engagements

People don’t like watching long and overwhelming posts. It’s time-consuming and tiresome.

With snappy 30-second content, Instagram enjoys better engagement rates than any other social media channel. 

More engagement means more followers, which increases the chance of getting more customers.

It is a win-win for both brands and customers.


#1. Competitive

Instagram is a highly competitive platform, meaning you’ve to manage your posts regularly for increased visibility.

Trends change here quickly, and you need to adopt that to stay in the game.

This can be time-consuming and annoying.

#2. No Partner Program

Instagram doesn’t have a partner program like Youtube yet. So, if you want to make a living, you’ll have to rely on brand collaborations

And brands only collaborate with influencers having a sizable follower base.

Before you dream of making big bucks on Instagram, you should build a customer base of at least 1k followers.

Bonus: How to Earn Money From Both the Platforms?

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