How to Convert Social Media Followers into Paid Customers in 2023

How ToHow to Convert Social Media Followers into Paid Customers in 2023

Having more followers and subscribers is alright, but do you want to convert them into potential customers?

Sounds interesting, right?

With around 59% of the world’s population on different social media channels, there’s a massive opportunity for you out there. 


However, this article is for content creators who already have an online presence. They just need guidance on how to earn money from social media in India.

It may sound challenging, but it’s no rocket science.

Here are 9 simple steps to earn money from social media in India in 2023.  

8 Easy-to-do Steps to Monetise Your Social Media Followers in 2023

#1. Add Super-Profile To Your Bio

Super-profile is a link-in-bio app that allows you to create your personalized space to showcase content from all platforms, sell products, and grow your audience – all with a simple link.

You can use it to sell exclusive content, tips and hacks, music videos and more.

Besides, setting a super-profile is super easy:

Step 1: Download the Cosmofeed App

Download our app from the app or play store and sign up with your preferred email address.

Step 2: Upload your content

No matter where you have uploaded your content, simply copy and paste the URL.


Step 3: Customize the look

Personalize your super profile according to your look and feel.


Easily share your super-profile link around social profiles.


Pro Tip: Increase your chances of 10X conversion by putting the link in your profile bio.

#2. Know Your Audience

Do you know 79% of customers are more loyal to brands who understand them?


That makes knowing your audience the first step to monetize your content. Identifying the customer’s persona allows you to develop a targeted approach.

 The customer’s persona includes:

  • Age
  • Geo-location
  • Gender
  • Interests

Once you recognise these, developing the right content for the right target market and getting the desired attention becomes easier. Results?

You bring in more followers to your page.

Further, identifying your audience also helps you in

  • Identifying customer’s pain points and meeting that in the best possible way
  • Effective communication with your prospects
  • Bringing a personalized touch to your content

Doing this habitually helps you retain your followers for a long time, and eventually, some will be converted into customers.  

#3. Interact With the Audience

Nobody will come to your channel if they don’t know about you. Harsh truth!

So, once you’ve identified your potential audience, it’s time to break the ice.

A meaningful engagement with your audience helps build a community which is the best way to boost your brand and attract more followers.

It also allows you to:

  • Develop trust, meaning they’re more likely to be your customers
  • Get honest reviews and feedback about your content which facilitates further growth of your channel

#4. Choose Creativity Everyday

Engaging with your audience regularly can burn your creative fuels, and things can get humdrum after a while.

To avoid that, you’ve to be creative in your interactions. It’s the key to unlocking maximum engagements on social media.

Of course, keeping your audience hooked can be back-breaking, but here are some remarkable tips for doing that:

  • Try different forms of content on your channel, like videos, GIFs, and memes
  • Storytelling is a fantastic way to interact with your community
  • Follow the users who are most excited about your content

You don’t need to overwork every time to come up with something gripping. Instead, find a sweet spot to deliver the right content mix that people find alluring.

This could ignite your presence and shoot up your followers. Moreover, staying unique on social channels could turn you into a lead magnet.   

#5. Collaborate with Influencers

Leveraging the key influencers of your niche can be a game changer to drive more traffic on your social media channel. More traffic creates more opportunities to funnel them down into customers.

It also adds social proof to your business because 49% of people trust these online stars before making a purchase.

There are many ways to collaborate with social media influencers, like:

  • Gift them your products
  • Making sponsored posts on social media channels
  • Affiliate link collaboration

Invest in building long-term relationships with influencers. Believe us, having their voice behind your business motivates people to trust and buy from you. 

 #6. Be a Storyteller

55% of people are likely to buy a product if they love the brand story.

Here’s why:

  • It develops empathy as followers relate more with the brand
  • It results in more profound connections with the audience 
  • It transcends generations as it’s more persuasive than data

Good stories change lives, great stories create history. So, when you tell one, make sure you add value to your audience.

This encourages them to be loyal to you, and people are likelier to buy whom they trust.

#7. User-Generated Content

92% of people look for recommendations from existing users before making a buying decision.


 This makes user-generated content one of the fail-proof methods to get more leads.

Besides, it has many other benefits, such as:

  • Sharing other people’s reviews builds authenticity and trust
  • Drives more engagement hence creating more chance of converting them into customers

#8. Host Giveaways and Contests

Everybody loves gifts and freebies. 

That’s why hosting giveaways, and contests can help you gain more traffic, generate leads and interact with your audience, all at the same time.

It’s a wonderful way to:

  • Do a product or a service launch on your channel
  • Incentivise their actions for exchange of exciting rewards
  • Gain more subscribers for your newsletter and later convert them into customers

Keep social media giveaways simple and compelling at the same time. Refrain from putting ambiguous headlines as they can be a big turn-off for the audience.

You can also run paid ads on Facebook to create such announcements, which host over 92% of the giveaways and contests.

#9. Optimize Your Websites for Mobile

With around 60% of the world’s website traffic coming from mobile phones, optimizing your social media channel for smartphones is an excellent step.

There must be certain things kept in mind for that, like:

  • Keep it short and simple, as there’s very little time to attract engagement 
  • Ensure smooth navigation across various channels
  • Test your content on different smartphones

For instance, you have an e-com website. You’ve got a great product that you decided to promote on your Youtube channel

But, you overlooked the editing part making it unfit for smartphone users. This could hamper your goals.

Thus, try to make sure your website is optimized for the smartphone.

Wrapping Up

It’s a glorious feeling to convert your social media fans into customers. 

Among the above mentioned ways, adding super-profile to your bio is the easiest way to turn your social media followers into customers.

So, hop-in and download the Cosmofeed app today!

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