From struggling student to financial educator: The journey of Vijaya Laxmi (SMT AMBALA)

Case StudyFrom struggling student to financial educator: The journey of Vijaya Laxmi (SMT...

Early Beginnings

Vijaya Laxmi’s story is one of resilience, determination, and a burning desire to make a difference. Growing up in Delhi, she was the eldest of four siblings, shouldering the responsibility of setting an example and caring for her younger ones.

Despite financial struggles at home, she was a curious child, drawn to exploring and questioning everything around her. Unlike most children, she wasn’t captivated by television or books, but found joy in helping her mother with household chores while diligently pursuing her studies.

In her 9th standard, Vijaya discovered a passion for mathematics, a subject traditionally dominated by boys in her school.

Undeterred by societal norms,

she joined a group of eight girls who defied expectations and embraced the challenges of the subject.

This decision not only paved the way for future generations of girls in her school to pursue math without hesitation, but also ignited a fire within Vijaya that would propel her forward.

Overcoming Obstacles

Vijaya’s journey wasn’t without its hurdles. She faced discrimination from a teacher who discouraged girls from studying math, using it as fuel to excel and top her class. Even her classmates mocked her aspirations, suggesting she become a teacher – a profession she felt wouldn’t allow her to create the impact she desired.


Additionally, the lack of guidance during her crucial school years led her to choose commerce instead of pursuing her dream of becoming a pilot, a decision she still reflects upon.

Building a Life & Career

After completing her 12th standard, Vijaya entered the workforce while simultaneously pursuing her education. Her first job in an insurance company, though unpaid, provided valuable experience in communication and interaction.

This was followed by another role in Noida,

where she earned her first salary of Rs. 6200, a significant milestone for her and her family.
Finance 1 1

It marked the beginning of her journey towards financial independence and the freedom to carve her own path.

Driven by a desire to empower others and create a positive impact, Vijaya, along with her supportive husband, embarked on a series of entrepreneurial ventures, trying their hand at various businesses before stumbling upon the perfect opportunity.

In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, they identified a gap in the educational content available online, particularly regarding the stock market and finance.

Recognizing their expertise in this domain, they decided to create educational videos on YouTube, aiming to provide viewers with accurate and practical knowledge which now has a subscriber base of 102k.

Youtube 3

From struggle to success

Building a successful YouTube channel wasn’t a walk in the park. Initially, they faced challenges with reach and marketing, requiring them to constantly adapt and refine their strategies. However, their unwavering dedication and commitment to providing valuable content paid off.

Today, their channel boasts a dedicated audience, and they have even ventured into mentorship programs, guiding over 30,000 individuals on their journey towards financial literacy. Vijaya’s vision extends far beyond personal success. She aspires to become

a role model for women, encouraging them to fight for their dreams and carve their own paths.

Her ultimate goal is to empower families, particularly women, with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve financial independence through the stock market. She believes that by equipping individuals with financial literacy, they can unlock a future filled with self-sufficiency and security.

“Keep trying, do everything with dedication and honesty, and you shall succeed”,

is what Vijaya says.

Why Cosmofeed?

While handling their operations they felt the need for a platform which would help them streamline their workflow and they came across Cosmofeed. Both of them say Cosmofeed has automated their business, saving them time.

Cosmofeed 2

Before, they spent most of their time doing manual work. Cosmofeed also helps them reach more people and grow their business. She thinks Cosmofeed is essential in today’s market.

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