From Fashion Designer to Astrologer: Hetal’s Journey of Growing from 200 to 16k Followers

Case StudyFrom Fashion Designer to Astrologer: Hetal's Journey of Growing from 200 to...

Hetal’s story is one of embracing the unexpected, of turning passions into purpose, and carving a unique path in a fascinating field, its a testament to anyone who dares to dream big and pursue their passions, grow their online presence on social media like Hetal did by growing her followers from 200 to 16k.

It’s a reminder that embracing the unexpected, stepping outside comfort zones, and staying true to oneself can lead to a fulfilling and successful journey.

Born in Kutch, Gujarat, and raised in the bustling city of Mumbai, Hetal’s life took an exciting turn when she discovered the world of astrology and graphology.

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From Commerce to Fashion to Constellations

Hetal’s journey began with a love for fashion. Earning a Bachelor’s in Commerce, she later pursued her passion for design, crafting beautiful clothes for herself and her family.

While fashion remained a personal love, destiny had something else in store for her.

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A Chance Encounter and a New Calling

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she met a Graphologist, the art of reading personalities through handwriting. This sparked a curiosity in Hetal, leading her to delve deeper into the world of divination, eventually mastering Tarot reading, Astrology, and Graphology.

For the past six years, Hetal has been navigating this unique field, defying the odds and carving her own path.

Unconventional Path

Hetal faced some challenges at the beginning of her journey. Initially, her parents were unsure about her decision to change careers. However, they now wholeheartedly support her and are proud of her achievements.


Hetal believes that their change in attitude is due to her dedication and the clear potential she has shown in her new career path.

Financial Independence and a Leap of Faith

Financially independent since the age of 18, Hetal has always believed in taking charge of her life and pursuing her passions. This self-reliance fueled her decision to explore this new career path, even in the face of initial uncertainties.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Hetal’s story is her unwavering belief in herself. This self-reliance extends to her finances, where she attributes her success to a combination of hard work and a dash of “good luck.”

Finding Her Voice: Content Creation

Initially hesitant about the world of social media, Hetal was encouraged by her professors to share her knowledge online. Stepping outside her comfort zone, she embraced content creation and discovered its potential to connect with a wider audience.


Focusing on the quality and usefulness of her content, rather than just showing her face, she built a strong online presence, attracting clients and establishing herself as a reliable and insightful guide.

Overcoming Challenges

Hetal acknowledges the challenges she faces with clients who seek specific details about their future, such as exact timing and names. She emphasizes the limitations of any form of divination, including astrology, in predicting such specifics with certainty.

On a personal level, Hetal grapples with societal expectations regarding marriage, an institution she doesn’t readily subscribe to.

This personal conflict highlights her independent spirit and her unwavering commitment to carving her own path.

Finding the Perfect Platform: Cosmofeed

For Hetal, Cosmofeed’s user-friendly interface and smooth experience proved to be the perfect platform to connect with clients and share her knowledge.

1 1 bookings

She utilizes the 1:1 Bookings feature to monetize and facilitate sessions with her clients, where she imparts her spiritual wisdom while fostering a deeper personal connection.

Connect with Hetal here.

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