Financial literacy was scarce but now she is the Boss of Stock Market: Meet Sarang

Case StudyFinancial literacy was scarce but now she is the Boss of Stock...

In a recent conversation with Sarang, an inspiring figure in the world of stock market education, we delved into her remarkable journey. Sarang’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a deep desire to empower others but with no prior knowledge of finance. She has carved a niche for herself in helping others, especially women, navigate the exciting world of the stock market.

“It’s a common misconception that the stock market is only for a select few.”

But before diving further, let’s start from the very beginning.

Early Life and Inspiration

Sarang comes from a humble background, and initially, finance wasn’t something she actively pursued. However, as she says,

“witnessing women around; managing household finances with remarkable skill sparked curiosity within me.”
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She also acknowledges the unwavering support of her husband, who encouraged her to follow her passion. Driven by a genuine desire to help individuals, especially women, gain financial independence and contribute to the nation’s economic growth, Sarang embarked on her financial literacy mission.

Finding Her Niche

While pursuing a career in computer science engineering, Sarang also ran a successful digital marketing and website development company.

“Interestingly, many of the clients were from the stock market industry.”

Witnessing their work firsthand piqued her interest, and she decided to delve deeper. A self-proclaimed bookworm with a thirst for knowledge, Sarang embarked on a learning journey, devouring books and resources related to the stock market.


What truly ignited Sarang’s passion was the realization that the stock market wasn’t just about theoretical knowledge; it offered the potential for tangible results and daily learning opportunities. The immediate feedback and the ability to see her efforts translate into financial gains kept her motivated and fueled her desire to learn more.

Her ultimate goal? To empower individuals, especially women, with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve financial independence and contribute to the nation’s growth.

Overcoming Challenges & Her Advice

Sarang openly acknowledges the initial challenges she faced, particularly regarding risk management. Sarang is refreshingly honest about the challenges she faced, particularly in the initial stages.

Her content, devoid of exaggerated promises and focused on genuine education, didn’t garner immediate traction. However, she persevered, drawing motivation from the positive feedback she received from individuals whose lives were impacted by her teachings.

She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing learning and gaining a solid understanding of the market before diving headfirst into full-time trading. Moreover, she adds that

“for beginners, I strongly recommend paper trading, starting with a minimal capital, and gradually increasing involvement as they gain confidence and expertise.”

This allows individuals to test their strategies and gain valuable experience without risking real money.

Myths about Stock Market

She emphasizes that regardless of one’s profession, family life, or gender, the stock market presents a unique opportunity for wealth creation. While acknowledging the potential risks involved, these can be mitigated through proper education and a measured approach. Sarang dispels one of the

“common misconceptions that many people have, which is that the stock market is only for a select few.”

In fact, Sarang believes that the digital transformation of the market has made it more accessible than ever, particularly for women who often possess strong money management skills.

Daily Routine and Family Support System

Sarang maintains a healthy balance between her personal and professional life. She prioritizes her physical and mental well-being, incorporating daily exercise into her routine. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of faith and planning, dedicating time to studying the market and strategizing her next moves.

Sarang’s husband plays a pivotal role in her journey.

“We actively share the learnings and support each other in our endeavors.“

Interestingly, her work allows her the flexibility to spend quality time with her family, a benefit of the geographically independent nature of her work.

From Trading to Teaching

As Sarang’s knowledge grew, she realized she had valuable insights to share. This led her to transition from solely trading to also teaching others, particularly women seeking financial independence.


She’s even received requests from husbands who want their wives to learn about the stock market from her. She shared a heartwarming story of a student who, after learning from her, successfully used her stock market earnings to cover her parents’ medical expenses, highlighting the transformative power of financial literacy.

Content Creation: Beyond Followers

Sarang’s content creation journey began when she realized she had time to share her knowledge beyond trading. She specifically focuses on educating women and individuals who are homebound. She emphasizes being a genuine resource rather than a “dream seller,” offering honest and practical advice.

“Initially, the content challenged the status quo, leading to slow growth.”
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However, she persevered, motivated by the positive feedback and messages from individuals whose lives were positively impacted by her teachings. Reaching the one-lakh follower milestone served as a validation of her efforts and further fueled her passion to educate and empower others.

Sarang’s focus remains firmly on educating and empowering individuals, rather than simply accumulating followers. Her dedication is evident in her participation in various webinars and her genuine appreciation for the recognition she has received as an influencer.

However, she emphasizes the crucial responsibility that comes with offering financial advice, urging content creators to prioritize ethical and responsible practices.

Key Takeaways

  • The stock market can be a valuable tool for earning, learning, and achieving financial goals.
  • Prioritize learning, effort, and responsible investing over quick gains and misleading information.
  • Start small, manage risks effectively, and gradually increase your involvement as your knowledge grows.
  • Seek guidance from reliable sources and prioritize education before diving headfirst into full-time trading.

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