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YouTube is the second-best search engine, with more than 1.9 billion monthly active users. Tech-related channels are driving more than one billion views each day on YouTube. As a result, learn about the latest tech, news, snippets, inventions and more. YouTube is the website we all go to. 

But, due to the sheer number of tech YouTube channels, it is getting hard to locate informative tech channels that actually provide valuable content to viewers. With the article, we are aiming to compile some of the top tech YouTubers you should be watching in 2023 always to stay one step ahead when it comes to tech news. 

1 Technical Guruji

The guru of all techs meets Gaurav Chaudhary, a.k.a the fan favourite Technical Guruji. His ever-so-humble attitude towards his audience and smiling face give him technical expertise that we can always take advantage of on YouTube. Technical Guruji is Dubai based Indian content creator who speaks fluent Hindi with a touch of English in his tech videos. Most of the YouTube videos of Technical Guruji are based on smartphones and additional tech devices that make life easier. Long before he became a successful tech YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary was a nano-science researcher and a security engineer. 

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Whenever you open his YouTube channel, you will find something that is of interest to you, from the latest gadgets to tech trends and even information about the latest scams in the Indian market. Technical Guruji ticks all the boxes. One of the most famous tech series on YouTube, called Tech Talk, is hosted by Technical Guruji on his official channel, and it is something you need to watch to stay up-to-date with the latest advancement in the field of tech. 

Person NameGaurav Chaudhary
Channel NameTechnical Guruji
Channel StartedOctober 2015
Years Active6
Video LanguageHindi
Creator CityAjmer
Place of OperationDubai
Sub-CategoryTech Reviews
Number of Videos1,700+
Most Viewed Video NameJio Phone Unboxing
Number of Views24M
Engagement Rate6.32%

2 Geekyranjit

Hosted by Ranjit Kumar, Geekyranjit is a tech YouTube channel that delivers honest reviews about the latest tech products. There are no added filters or scripts to make a product look better to the audience. The reviews on this channel honestly describe what benefits and issues customers will face when they purchase a product. Geekyranjit is one of those individuals who were actually successful in turning his dream of being a tech YouTuber into a reality. 

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He has been passionate about technology and the latest gadgets since his childhood, and this is something you can even see to this day when watching his videos. Each review is in-depth research of different situations where the product will be used and how it will perform. If you are thinking about buying a new smartphone and want to learn all the good and bad about it. Geekyranjit is your man to watch on YouTube. 

Person NameRanjit Kumar
Channel NameGeekyranjit
Channel StartedNovember 2010
Years Active11
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityHyderabad
Place of OperationHyderabad
Sub-CategoryTech Reviews
Number of Videos3,200+
Most Viewed Video NameiPhone 13 Pro Max
Number of Views2.6M
Engagement Rate5.91%

3 Technology Gyan 

The Technology Gyan is one of the most well-known tech YouTube channels in India. The brilliance behind the success of Technology Gyan is Manoj Saru, who is tremendously interested in technology and can’t really stop himself from creating tech videos. He is one of those YouTubers who have a clear vision of what needs to be done and how it should be done. Manoj holds a software engineering degree, and he started his journey of becoming a tech giant in his BCA. 


The first YouTube channel he started was named “Manoj Saru”, and it was all about hacking, software, computer tips and more. But due to some community guidelines Policy, his first channel got deleted and named Technolgy Gyan. From there, his journey to becoming one of the most influential YouTubers in India started. On his YouTube channel, you will find most of the videos covers topics such as Gadegt reviews, smartphone hacks, technology updates and more. 

Person NameManoj Saru
Channel NameTechnology Gyan
Channel Started2015
Years Active8
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityDelhi
Place of OperationDelhi 
Sub-CategoryTech Reviews
Number of Videos986
Most Viewed Video Name20 Useful Google Tips & Trick You Must Know in 2020 !
Number of Views4.9M
Engagement Rate

4 Techburner

Shlok Shrivastava is one of the most loved Indian Tech YouTubers. The main goal behind creating a tech-based YouTube channel was to make it easy for the Indian audience to understand tech. He creates videos to explain masses the technical aspects of a gadget that otherwise are left untouched. In his videos, he always takes every chance to make the audience laugh and engage with them while sharing knowledge of tech space. 

wS7pKa8ATZ8NKlqaz1PJDxuUAxyySshykcC6z3PVvsuDBh UzYM4 JIcv1qj185ASeeWzPXnRd2nhOyBjnUJatFSWZUq0Kxg8YJAhDbdhXE1j8gBxfLIapj9ititI6qoJ0GQVDRY

You will get to know about the latest laptops, computer hardware, smartphones and other smart devices within days of their release or, in some cases, even before the product is released in the market. Right now, Techburner stands at 10.2 million subscribers. The highest views that his single video is able to obtain is 4.2 million. He believes in creating content for India. As a result, he has switched from creating videos in English to Hindi. According to him, with English, he was limiting his content to his immediate circle and highly proficient individuals who clearly understand English. 

Person NameShlok Srivastava
Channel NameTech Burner
Channel StartedApril 2016
Years Active6
Video LanguageHindi/English
Creator CityLucknow
Place of OperationLucknow
Sub-CategoryTech Reviews
Number of Videos1,100+
Most Viewed Video NameiPhone 13 Pro Max
Number of Views3M
Engagement Rate5.23%

5 Trakin Tech 

Trakin Tech is one of the fastest-growing tech YouTube channels in India. Recently Arun Prabhudesai has climbed the fantastic feet of attaining 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. On the occasion of completing 10 million subs to the channel, he released a rap song called Safar. Trakin Tech was started in 2011, and from the first day, Arun was posting videos about smartphones, gadgets and other smart devices that are in the latest trend. 

He is one of those tech YouTubers where you will find breaking tech news and stories. 

Trakin Tech has sister YouTube channels as well, such as Trakin Tech Marathi, Trakin Tech English, Trakin Auto, Trakin Ke Funde and more. Trakin Tech is a must-watch tech YouTube channel for those people who love watching in-depth smartphone reviews. The quality of videos Trakin Tech is able to produce day in and day out is commendable. 

Person NameArun Prabhudesai
Channel NameTrakin Tech
Channel StartedOctober 2016
Years Active5
Video LanguageHindi/English
Creator CityPune
Place of OperationPune
Sub-CategoryTech Reviews
Number of Videos1,800+
Most Viewed Video NameRealme 8 Pro Review
Number of Views3.3M
Engagement Rate6.17%

6 Techno Ruhej

Even though Techno Ruhej doesn’t have a massive number of followers as others on our list, still, the content created by Ruhez Amrelia, who is the face of this tech channel, will completely blow you away. Techno Ruhej is one of those channels that cover all the aspects of tech. So you are going to find videos of the latest tech news, comparison of smartphones and other devices, smartphone reviews, laptop reviews, unboxing videos of gadgets and more.

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The channel was created in early 2016, and after a few months of uploading content, the Adsense account was disabled. As a result, massive payment for the channel was stuck in Adsense. After a few months of finding a way around the problem, AdSense was finally enabled, allowing Techno Ruhej to acquire sponsorship from multiple brands

Nerdy Facts:

  • Subscribers – 3.51M
  • Channel started – 2014
  • Active years – 9
  • Language – Hindi 
  • City – Surat, Gujurat
  • Number of videos – 4200+
  • Title of most viewed video – How Realme Smartphones Are Made – Realme Factory Tour | Step By Step !

7 Beebom

Beebom is a tech YouTube channel that provides digital tips, gadget reviews, unboxing, first look at new devices, along with various other videos, all of which fall under the category of tech. The YouTube channel was created to help the people of India understand the leading consumer technology and how to use it. 

Hn sP25hdlU0DPLnIG9cjofkyNw29x1Hqki0xBC VOdTfBpUUsmuRCiDwlNWjTtziIPoyw9LoaZ7 DC8CPtKQvv0j Cz XidTjJ2b0JoOUzYFxDBvKgtajDWYARovb Um5cXoZWCj hWVwCehl bjC8

The founders of this YouTube channel, Devinder Maheshwari and Kapil Jindal, started creating tech videos in 2016. In addition to there, the tech YouTube channel Beebom also has an official website where you can find blogs related to tech. The Beebom YouTube channel also provides tutorial videos and how-to videos on various topics like photography, installing applications, and more. 

Person NameBeebom
Channel NameBeebom
Channel StartedApril 2014
Years Active8
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityNew Delhi
Place of OperationNew Delhi
Sub-CategoryTech News
Number of Videos1,500+
Most Viewed Video NameAndroid vs iOS
Number of Views4.4M
Engagement Rate1.52%

Wrapping Up

These were some of the top tech YouTube channels you should definitely watch in 2023 to be inspired in the field of tech. Each of these YouTube channels has its own set of uniqueness. As a result, even if you have watched a review of a specific device on one of the channels. You can still watch and learn something new about the same product from the other tech channel. We hope this blog has given you all the right answers that you were searching for. Let us know in the comment section which tech YouTuber you believe is the best and more people should know about. 

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