Top YouTube Channels For Learning English 

English is a language that helps you in landing a job, and this is because books, courses, and other forms of informative text are all written in English. From science to aviation, diplomacy, to tourism, each needs a person who can fluently speak and understand English. Over time English has become a global language, and even in India, if we have to speak to someone who doesn’t understand Hindi, our second-best choice is English. 

In addition to this, it is one of the easiest languages to learn because the alphabets, which are building block of this language, are only 26 in number. Still, if you find English to be a bit hard, then we are here to help. With this blog, we are going to showcase some of the best YouTube channels that you can follow to learn English as best as possible, and that too in a very short time. So let’s begin. 

Learn English | Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons

Manjita Osta is a well-known online English teacher who has helped millions of individuals to successfully read, write and speak English no matter how much education they have. She talks about the basics of English in her videos, and every video has tons of examples to help you figure out where to use that specific term. Moreover, videos are of short length. Thus, you can watch multiple videos in a day. People who are hosting the videos are well aware of the topics and have come from a teaching background. As a result, viewers have no issues understanding the concepts of English from them. 

Her YouTube videos specialize in teaching how to converse in English with fluency, understanding the grammar behind the language, accent training, and more. Over time she has gained an online fan following all because of her teaching methods which make learning the English language easy and fun.

Person NameNihharkia Singh
Channel NameLearn English | Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons
Channel Started2010
Years Active13 years
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityMumbai
Place of OperationMumbai
Sub-CategoryEnglish teaching
Number of Videos2.1K
Most Viewed Video Name08 common Interview question and answers – Job Interview Skills
Number of Views452,603,761 views

English with Lucy

English with Lucy is a YouTube channel that has almost 10 million subscribers. The author of this YouTube channel was born and raised in England. She started posting English lessons on YouTube with one aim, which is to make people around the world speak English with confidence and fluency. According to Lucy, learning English should not be scary, embarrassing, or boring. Her videos allow viewers to learn complex concepts of the English language in such a way that they actually start to enjoy the language-learning process. Her audience demographics cater to people of all ages. Her videos are based on topics such as grammar, British English vocabulary, pronunciation, and British culture. 

Person NameLucy Bella Simkins
Channel NameEnglish with Lucy
Channel Started2016
Years Active7 years
Video LanguageBritish English
Creator CityN/A
Place of OperationUK/ Englad
Sub-CategoryBritish English learning 
Number of Videos342
Most Viewed Video NameONE language, THREE accents – UK vs. USA vs. AUS English! (+ Free PDF)
Number of Views396,079,852 views

BBC Learning English

BBC is the epitome of English speaking. As a result, there is no better YouTube channel that could teach British English to online students than BBC itself. The online video course available on YouTube is designed in such a way that students will be able to understand and use English as it is spoken in the daily life of native English speakers. Besides this, BBC Learning English channel also puts emphasis on why learning English is essential and what benefits it can provide. 

Person NameMuliple hosts
Channel NameBBC Learning English
Channel Started2008
Years Active15 years
Video LanguageUK English
Creator CityLondon
Place of OperationUK
Sub-CategoryUK English learning
Number of Videos3.2K
Most Viewed Video NameEnglish Pronunciation 👄 Short vowel /ɪ/ in ‘kit’, ‘bid’ & ‘him’
Number of Views257,686,798 views

Speak English With Tiffani

With Tiffani’s English learning YouTube channel, you will be able to achieve your goals of spoken English and understand the vocabulary much better. She teaches how one needs to properly converse and communicate with other people, just like a native English person. The creator of this channel aims to help more than 1 billion students online to learn and speak English with confidence. In addition to her YouTube channel, Tiffani also has a website where she hosts podcasts, blog posts, English learning guides, and even courses. Her natural way of teaching allows viewers not only to speak in English but actually to think in English. Thus, making viewers build confidence when they are speaking. 

Person NameTiffani
Channel NameSpeak English With Tiffani
Channel Started2016
Years Active7 years 
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityFlorida
Place of OperationUSA
Sub-CategoryEnglish learning 
Number of Videos340
Most Viewed Video NameHow To Learn And Use 1000 English Vocabulary Words
Number of Views70,130,972 views

Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English learning YouTube channel showcases to viewers that the key to learning the English language is consistency in learning. As a result, she has come up with a daily lesson plan for those viewers who are serious about learning English in the shortest time possible. She provides 800+ free videos on YouTube, all of them accumulating more than 200 million views. In addition, you will also learn about the correct mouth position of particular sounds to even words in order to make viewers grasp the accent along with the words they need to speak. The channel was started in 2008, and the initial thought for creating the channel was to make an online resource that can be used for self-study.

Person NameRachel
Channel NameRachel’s English 
Channel StartedJoined Aug 13, 2008
Years Active16 years
Video LanguageUS English
Creator CityPhiladelphia
Place of OperationPhiladelphia.
Sub-CategoryUS English learning 
Number of Videos1K
Most Viewed Video NameHow to THINK in English | No More Translating in Your Head!
Number of Views227,210,809 views

Spoken English Guru

The man behind the Spoken English Guru channel is a middle-class Indian man who could not secure a job just because he was not fluent in English speaking. Before he became the face of English Guru to YouTube viewers, he opened an English coaching Institute in his hometown to teach students the basics of English speaking that can help them crack job interviews and excel in life. Over time he learned that it is not possible to teach students from just Institute. 

 The YouTube videos are created to help individuals to gain confidence and stop worrying about their English. These videos will make you learn English so you can become a better speaker and move towards a native level of speaking English. The channel talks about how different words and phrases are used in different ways to showcase emotions. Apart from their YouTube, they have a website where you can find English learning course books, artic

That’s when he moved to YouTube and created “Spoken English Guru,” where he teaches English to the masses free of cost. He also has a website, “SpokenEnglish.Guru,” where he provides all the extra material, notes, and videos to his students. More than 20 million students have benefited from this website and YouTube channel. He has also provided free spoken English classes to poor and needy students free of cost. 

Person NameAdiyta Rana
Channel NameSpoken English Guru
Channel Started2017
Years Active6 years
Video LanguageHindi 
Creator CityDelhi
Place of OperationDelhi
Sub-CategoryEnglish learning online
Number of Videos645
Most Viewed Video NameSelf Introduction देना सीखें । How to Introduce Yourself in English in Interviews
Number of Views524,850,312 views

Speakwell Institute

The Speakwell Institute is a full-fledged company that is helping the people of India to take their first step towards getting fluent in spoken English. With their easy-to-understand videos, they are helping students to come out from their shells of fear and speak English freely. Not only this, there are different set of videos that caters to a different level of English fluency. 

If you are someone who knows the basics, you can move to the higher-level videos, where they teach how you can incorporate English into your personality and communication style. 

The creators of these videos come up with several ideas to engage students in activities that will assist them in their learning. In India, the Speakwell Institute is considered to be one of the best communication and personality development organizations. More than 3 lac students have successfully completed their journey of English fluency since the start of the Institute in 2006.

Person NameAslam Moosa
Channel NameSpeakwell Institute
Channel Started2018
Years Active5 years
Video LanguageHindi/ English
Creator CityMumbai
Place of OperationPAN India
Sub-CategoryEnglish learning
Number of Videos435
Most Viewed Video NamePleasure Meaning, Daily Vocabulary lessons – Word 81
Number of Views1,535,331 views

Wrapping Up

So this ends our one of the most important lists of YouTube channels for personal growth. We know how crucial it is to attain fluency in English speaking as it is a way to open several doors of new opportunities throughout the world. English is the language that makes you stand out from the crowd and make you feel more confident. In short, with improvement in your English speaking, you will acquire the ability that assists you in climbing the socio-economic ladder. 

FAQs Regarding Top YouTube Channels For Learning English 

Q. Is YouTube an excellent way to learn English?

A. YouTube channels provide a variety of languages and multiple methods of learning in a single platform. With the variety of materials and channels to choose from, students are able to experience immersive learning in the best way possible. 

Q. Is it possible to learn English just by watching YouTube videos? 

A. Well, technically, you can learn English just by watching English learning videos online. But at the same time, students need to practice as well. By watching English learning videos on YouTube, you will get the essential knowledge. Still, without proper practice, all the learnings could slowly fade away. 

Q. Is it possible to learn the English language just by listening to Youtube videos?

A. With English videos on YouTube, you will get to know about new words and expressions as you hear them more often. What you hear, you can imitate, not with reasonable accuracy at the beginning, but over time you will get used to it and get more confidence. 

Q. Is it possible to speak English fluently without coaching? 

A. Yes, there is no doubt that you can learn English or, as a matter of fact, any other language without having to go for coaching. There are tons of free courses available online, and millions of students have learned English speaking by watching free English learning videos on YouTube. You can be the next one; all you have to do is search the channels we have mentioned above to get started.