7 Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Despite being in upheaval ever since the time of purchase by one of the wealthiest people in the world, Twitter is still one of the most important and famous places for brands and businesses to mark their presence in the online world. While the functionality of Twitter itself is not so similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, some tips and tricks to maintain good social media engagement are common across all these platforms. On Twitter, your follower count matters, but so does the number of people who like your Tweet, reply to it, share it, or retweet it.

Here, we discuss seven such common tips which will help you witness a jump in the engagement you are getting on your Twitter profile:

Engage with Other People On Twitter

Even if you are a company or a product line, you should be quick to engage in conversation with other accounts; this could include charges of other brands or your customers. This back-and-forth can be funny, quirky, or about something serious. However, remember that when you post from the social media handles of a company, you are representing the views of the whole company and not just yourself, so your replies should never attract controversy.

Keep it Simple

Unlike other platforms, there is a restriction to how much you can type on Twitter. Similarly, as per most commonly available statistics, tweets with many words often perform worse than others. In simple terms, keep your tweets short and to the point. If the fact that you are trying to make is going out of the bounds of a single tweet, you can either turn your tweets into a thread or add media to it to make them easier to understand.

Market it Correctly

Using proper hashtags on Twitter is significantly more important than other social media platforms. Your hashtags will drive your post engagement and get you clicks on your tweets. However, since you have a character limit in every tweet, you cannot add every trending hashtag, so you must sort through and choose your hashtags carefully.

Campaigns and Contests Are of Great Help

Using contests to gain retweets and followers is a strategy that brands have been using for quite some time now, and for a simple reason – it works. Unlike getting engagement through paid advertisements, it is easier to ensure that the people engaging with your profile are interested in what you have to say and will stick around. In addition, you can design customized hashtags that use your company and brand name and ask users to post using those hashtags, thus making a positive feedback cycle. Just make sure you do not beat it like a dead horse, or the user participation will drop after a few repeated contests.

Time your Tweets

You do not want to spam the feeds of the people following you, but you also want to ensure that people see your posts. Ensure a gap of at least two to three hours between your tweets unless you are tweeting about an ongoing event. In the same way, try to find the times when your posts are getting the most traction and engagement and align your content strategy such that you always post in that window. Anywhere between one and four tweets in a single day are usually suitable for most profiles, with engagement dropping after the fourth tweet.

Optimise Your Tweets

This is, again, a suggestion regarding the text you are adding to a tweet. Using powerful words and words that rank high in search engine optimisation and social media optimisation usually yields good results. At the same time, many online tools can help you make your tweets more streamlined. For instance, if you have to put a link to another website in your tweet, you can shorten it using one of the many tools available on the internet, thus saving you some space in terms of the number of characters.

Pay and Analyse

Many large Twitter accounts start by paying Twitter to gain more interaction on individual posts and followers. While there are more optimal ways to do so, this is undoubtedly the quickest and the most frequently used way to get your account off and running. In addition, you should repeatedly analyse the content and tweets you have been putting out to get an idea of which kinds of posts have been doing better than the others, which ones you can push more, and which ones are just a waste of time. While this can be directly seen in the number of likes, replies, and retweets, Twitter has a fully functional analytics backend that will help you get an even more in-depth analysis of which tweets and topics are doing the best and which ones are a lost cause.

Certainly similarly to other social media platforms, getting good engagement on Twitter often depends on many variables and feels like a roll of the dice. However, if you keep these simple tips in mind, the odds of you rolling the number you desire will increase significantly.

FAQs On Twitter Engagement

Q. Which types of accounts should I interact with on Twitter?

A. The most common answer would be with social media content creators and influencers, but most charge some money to engage in conversation with you online. You can also go into a conversation with other brands and companies, including your rivals, but keep in mind that you are stepping on eggshells at that point and have to be extra careful before putting a post out.

Q. How to get the proper hashtags to promote a post?

A. Twitter shows the most trending hashtags in your region on its homepage. However, it would be best to be careful before adding hashtags left, right, and center. Not only does it make you look too desperate for attention and social media engagement, but it can also completely clash with the tone of the content and the theme of the hashtag. Ideally, choose four to five hashtags already doing good and then add some related to the content you are posting.