Tips And Tricks To Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement in 2023

In today’s era, LinkedIn has become the corporate social media platform – a place where you can share updates about your life more formally compared to Instagram or Facebook.

People use LinkedIn to promote businesses, hire new employees, or find jobs. As is the case with every other platform, getting good traction on posts on LinkedIn is essential to set your account apart from the rest and boost the opportunities you can get through it.

Here, in this article, we would like to discuss some common tips and tricks related to your LinkedIn profile to keep in mind if you want to get good engagement on it:

Socialise More

You can add more than just people you know or have worked with to your LinkedIn account. The platform provides you with a great chance to connect with people across domains and regions. Connecting to more people allows you to gain insight into different types of people and what they like and dislike. In addition, it provides a great chance to collaborate with people to benefit your business.

Strengthen Your Profile

Add all the details about your professional life that you can remember and verify on your LinkedIn account. People are more likely to interact with someone if others have already vouched for them; hence, recommendations from your superiors and peers will help you strengthen. This works both ways, so be bold in giving or getting a solid recommendation for others (Boss/ peers and seniors). Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a place where you should definitely not be lying about your accomplishments, as getting caught or exposed will tarnish your reputation in the long run.

Post Regularly

As with other social media platforms, the LinkedIn algorithm pushes profiles that post more frequently. Make a schedule of how many posts you want to put out, and try to avoid monotony by adding different types of posts – audio, videos, and images – in the mix.

Add value To Your Community

Posting entertaining or engaging content is not enough on LinkedIn – your content should be inspiring, educational, or both. Stick to things you are best at and research before posting about something you are unsure of.

Find LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has many groups of people working in the same company or industry or sharing a similar interest. These groups can be a great starting place to boost your engagement on LinkedIn. Here, you will find people from different regions of different ages with whom you can connect and have meaningful conversations. Remember, growing your skill set and knowledge is crucial in ensuring that your LinkedIn profile gets good views.

Optimise Your Posts

Whenever adding a new post, make sure that you are using the correct hashtags so that the post has a broader reach and manages to reach the audience you are targeting through it. Align your content with what is trending/ buzzing and in the news to get a rub-off effect. If your posts do well enough, the number of connections and followers on your profile will be of little importance.

The “4-1-1 Rule”

As the old rule famously says, you should post an update from another source and, most crucially, four pieces of information authored by others for every single part of material you publish about yourself (or your company). Try not to make your entire profile about yourself but also promote and share content you have read that could be someone else’s creation. This simple thumb rule keeps your feed focused on your audience’s demands rather than turning it into a platform for your business to promote itself.

Content Suggestions Tool

A powerful tool for anyone who wants to make their LinkedIn profile popular, the platform has an in-built mechanism that can recommend topics to you based on what is popular on LinkedIn across the region, experience, age, and industry. You do not necessarily have to obey every suggestion given by the tool, but it can come in handy when you are going through a creative block and need to know what to post about.

Promote Your Posts

As much as you might hate it, paying to promote your posts can be the simplest way to kickstart your process of gaining engagement on your profile. There is no need to nurture every single post on your profile, only pay for the posts you feel will get your target audience to your profile. The promotion will only get the people on to your page; keeping them there is up to you.

Analyse Your Posts

For this, you can use LinkedIn’s analytics dashboard, or you can seek help from a third-party tool. You will need to know which posts are performing the best before you can plan out your content strategy and decide which posts you want to promote.

If you diligently follow these simple tricks, you will see a rise in your engagement on your LinkedIn profile.

FAQs Regarding LinkedIn Engagement In 2023

Q. How much information about my personal life should I share on LinkedIn?

A. People usually stick to the parts related to their corporate life, but that can sometimes be different. However, you do not need to post the same things on LinkedIn that you would have on Facebook or Instagram. A pleasant Sunday lunch with your family? Sure. A video of your cat falling into a trash can? Maybe wait to post that there.

Q. What should your bio include?

A. You can customise your bio as per your need. An employee searching for an employer will have a bio structured very differently than an employer searching for an employee. To make it clear and concise, add to your bio what you would say in response to the question, “Describe yourself in one minute.”

Q. What is the best way of connecting with new people?

A. When adding someone new, make sure you add a personalised message for them (if you can) to specify how you found their profile and why you want to add them to your network; this adds a human touch to your request that a simple ‘Follow’ request will not have.