Super Profile Bio: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to being a content creator,  you already know it’s more than just creating content. There’s a lot that goes into it – from brainstorming content ideas to publishing and promoting it on a relevant platform. Talking about promotions, if you are looking to make the most out of your content, you also have to know how to drive an audience to your content that finds it helpful while maintaining an omnichannel presence on the world wide web.

In simple terms, you have to leverage your organic audience on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, personal blog, or anywhere else you have a loyal following. And how can you do it? Well, a reliable solution is Link in Bio tools.

Link in Bio – What Does It Exactly Mean?

You might have seen several creators who publish content types like stories and branded posts mention the phrase link in the bio in the caption or the content creative. They might give away freebies, share resources, or promote a product or service.

Through a link in bio tool, they’re driving their audience on platforms like Instagram or Twitter to other platforms where they have an engaging followership – and that’s all that Link in Bio means in the language of content creators. Here is a snip of a link in bio:

Why Should Content Creators Use A Link In Bio Tool

Content creators must sustain a decent presence on multiple channels to utilize strategies like repurposing content and upselling in their content marketing plan; this can be incredibly complex for novices due to platform restrictions.

Specific platforms like Instagram only allow creators to share a clickable link in limited places, that too to a certain extent. If you want to share other forms of content like courses or long-form articles while also maintaining branding, you have to direct them somewhere first.

A Link in Bio tool acts as a directory of your preferred content on numerous platforms. The best thing about such a tool is that it allows you to ensure consistent branding while effectively helping you convert your audience or upsell them.

When converting your audience into buyers or community members, you should know that only some of your followers will be converted. Only a percentage of your engaging audience will be willing to buy from you, provided you target them well.

That being said, the last thing you want to do is distract them from what you feel is more important and beneficial for you and your audience. Link in Bio tool allows you to highlight your most important links, such as your information about your sale, lead magnet, or more.

How Super Profile Link in Bio Can Help

Super Profile Link in Bio is more than just a landing page for all your social and promotional links. The platform encourages content creators to go independent by providing everything they need to promote and monetize their content effectively.

Available for both Android, iOS, and Web-Based devices, this intuitive tool allows you to drive your audience on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter to a personalized landing page that highlights the best of your content endeavors.

The best thing about using Super Profile Link in the Bio tool is that it provides a universal, brandable link that can be used anywhere a creator has an active presence and engages followers. Here is a snip of the Super Profile Link in bio:

How To Use Super Profile Link in Bio Tool

Super Profile Link in the Bio tool is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Using this tool content creators can make the most out of their content efforts. Here’s how you can use this tool to promote and share your content like never before:

Sign Up On The Platform

Using your preferred web browser, head to and click on the ‘Get Started’ button on the homepage or ‘Create Your Link’. Then, feed your mobile number on the following interface and click on the “Verify with OTP” button. You can also create an account using email.

Then, add your first and last name in their respective input fields and click on the continue button. Now, you’ll have the option to select a category that best describes the type of content you produce, so make sure you choose the one that resonates with your content the most.

Afterward, click on the “Save and Proceed” button. On the next page, you must choose a username and click on the “Finish Setup” button to complete the process.

Get more details about how to set up profile button

Setup Your Profile

Once you’ve created an account and completed the foundational steps, it’s time to customize your profile. You can include a bio, change your profile picture, add social links, and a lot more on your creator dashboard.

For profile picture:

Add social link:

You can also change the appearance of your landing page by choosing from several themes, fonts, backgrounds, buttons, and more to make it more relevant to your brand. There is also multiple analytics that allows you to track your content’s performance on the go.

Get more details about how to update your profile picture, display name, and bio

Utilize The Link on Your Favorite Platform

When you’re done setting up your profile and have a good-looking landing page with all your top content ready, it’s time to get into action. Head to your favorite social platforms and add the Super Profile link to your profile (Instagram/ YouTube/ Twitter).

Features of Super Profile Link in Bio Tool

While many Links in Bio tools are available in the market, Cosmofeed Super Profile’s personalization aspects set it apart from the crowd. However, there are other impressive things about this tool. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most prominent features of the Cosmofeed link in the bio tool:

Free To Use

The best thing about Cosmofeed is that it’s completely free to use. While there are certain advanced features that you’ll have to pay for, that’s entirely up to you, and in its core essence, the tool is absolutely free of cost for providing a host of links to your audience.

Personalizable and Brandable

From visual aesthetics to creatives, you can personalize every aspect of your link in the bio landing page through Cosmofeed. The platform lets you keep your landing page relevant to your brand and maintain a consistent image across multiple platforms.

Highlights and Blocks

Highlights allow you to showcase your best content by keeping it on top of your profile and also redirect your visitor to the relevant block for more information when clicked on. Likewise, blocks allow you to showcase your desired content, be it video, music, podcast, books, or anything else.

For highlights:

Get more details about how to add blocks to highlight, how to schedule a block

For blocks:

Get more details about how to create a block on Super Profile, how to move your blocks, how to hide a block from your profile, how to delete your blocks, and steps to animate a block


Through Super Profile Link in the bio tool, you can track the key performance indicators of your content, such as its daily activity, visitor details, geographical data, top-performing highlights, blocks, referrers, devices, and a lot more.

Top Performing Blocks

Top Devices

Top Performing Highlights

Top Referrers

SEO Optimzable

You can also add custom metadata for your custom landing page to optimize it with your desired keywords and description; this will also allow your content to appear for relevant search queries on search engine result pages.

Pixel and Google Analytics Integration

The platform can also help you to integrate Facebook pixel data to collect audience information and use it for your other marketing campaigns. You can even combine the platform with Google Analytics to gain all the activity and user data in single dashboard.

Create and Manage a Community

There’s also an option to create, manage, and promote a community for your desired niche through Cosmofeed. The platform allows you to engage your audience by creating customized channels, organizing polls, making broadcasts, and much more.

Content Monetization

With Cosmofeed, you can make the most out of your content by providing premium access to your audience to your exclusive content for your preferred price. You can lock any content on your link on the bio page and make money through it.

Instant Withdrawal

Whatever you earn through the platform can be withdrawn instantly to your desired payment method. You can also track your earnings in the Super Profile to measure your performance and increase it gradually.

Final Words From Our Side

Drive traffic to your top content pieces from platforms like Instagram and TikTok with the help of Link in Bio tools. There’s so much you can do with a capable Link in Bio tool like Super Profile from a single intuitive dashboard. So, go ahead and try it right away.