Instagram Collaboration: How to Network and Grow Your Following

Do you know you can leverage collaborations to pace your growth by 10X on Instagram?

Yeah, you heard that right!

The impact of good collaboration and networking goes a long way in building a loyal audience. Although it’s no rocket science🚀, it’s also not everyone’s cup of tea.☕

In this article, we’ll discuss how to collaborate on Instagram and network with other content creators to make yourself more appealing to your audience.

What Are Brand Collaborations On Instagram?

One of the most common types of collaborations on Instagram is brand collaboration.

In these collaborations, brands work with influencers to promote their products or services through sponsored posts, reviews, and other content with the help of the Instagram Collab tool. 

Below are a few advantages of collaborating on Instagram👇🏻

#1. Audience Growth

Say hello to some new followers!👋🏻

By leveraging the Instagram collab feature, you effectively share your post with your collaborators and audiences. This can increase audience interaction and visibility, allowing more people to find your profile.

Moreover, you won’t need to spend money on paid social advertising. You’ll see significant ROI from your collaborative content when you work with other accounts on organic content.

#2. An Increase In Engagement

You have a better chance of receiving more likes, comments, saves, and shares when your content is shared with two different audiences. This is because these actions maximise content interactions and boost engagement.

#3. Easy Collaboration

On Instagram, shared engagement is a game-changer that allows you to say goodbye to duplicate content. You can streamline the procedure and post only once, saving time, rather than posting the same post across both profiles.

Also, you can monitor post stats on both ends and see how your collaborative post performs without asking your partner for data. Collaboration is made simple by having mutual control over your Instagram postings.

Is Instagram Collaboration Feature a Game Changer?

In 2021, Instagram Collab, a function that enables content creators to collaborate with other accounts, was unveiled.

Using this, the primary creator (who has a public account) can recognize a collaborator as any other account (public or private). The post will appear on the cooperating account’s profile if the request is granted.

Because the Instagram Collab feature also shares the post with both collaborators’ followers in the Instagram feed, you will share views, likes, and comments. A collaborator may be added or removed by the post’s original creator (the author).

As you can see, this tool has completely changed how any company, brand, or creator uses Instagram (without pouring thousands of dollars into paid advertising).

Utilising this collaboration option can help you attract more new, valuable followers to your Instagram account and optimise the impact of each new post you publish.

When you tag someone in a post, your content appears on your feed and isn’t truly delivered to theirs. With the help of the Instagram Collab tool, you can collaborate with another company or creator to share your content with their audiences. 

To understand how to collaborate on Instagram, how to accept someone’s request for collaboration and how you can use it to grow your followers, read further.

7 Smart Ways to Network On Instagram and Grow Your Following

#1. Follow Big Brands & Names In Your Industry

Follow notable people, companies, and products that you are interested in. This will guarantee that the information in your Feeds and Stories is relevant and something you will enjoy reading and watching.

You must keep up with conversations, hot issues, and business news if you want to expand your network on Instagram. This will be made simpler by following comparable accounts, and you’ll discover more intriguing content ideas to share with your audience.

#2. Promote Other’s Content In Your Stories

One of the best methods to attract the attention of potential companies and influencers with whom you want to work is by sharing Stories and content from accounts you follow.

How to do that?

Top companies like Starbucks re-share posts and stories from customers that use a company-specific hashtag, or tag Starbuck’s Instagram handle.

How is it a win-win for Starbucks and its customers?

You see, the former gains other customers’ trust from content created by loyal customers, while the latter feels appreciated and loved when brands share their content.

Simple human psychology is in play!

#3. Comment on Other Creator’s Posts

Get out of your comfort zone and provide pertinent comments if you want to interact with people on Instagram.

Connecting with brands, industry leaders, and influencers through comments is one method. Participate in the discussion by leaving comments, responding to Instagram Stories, and posing queries during Instagram live events. You may initiate conversations and forge genuine connections on Instagram by taking these actions.

#4. Make Them a Part of Your Content

You might have noticed that you get pop-up alerts when someone mentions you in their content. Similarly, your favourite businesses will get notifications and the material where you tag them when you include them in your writing.

Tag your favourite brands in your posts to improve your chances of being spotted. While you’re still waiting to hear back from all the brands you tag, one or two of your favourites might. You will only know once you give it a try!

#5. Send DMs

Feel free to write a direct message if you have any queries or want to make a business proposition. Communicating with them through DMs lets others know how much you enjoy their content or product. Additionally, inform them if you want to work with them or hold a competition featuring them.

Here’s a template

“Hi <Name>

I really enjoy how you put up such amazing content on reels. Since we have the same targeted audience, would you like to collaborate with me?

I’ve got a contest idea in mind. If executed perfectly it can benefit both of us.

Let me know your thoughts and I’ll help you with a short brief.”

#6. Use Hashtags

Thanks to hashtags, you can identify Instagram accounts that post related content quickly and easily.

See how including pertinent hashtags in posts or comments can expand your audience. On Instagram, you may use up to 30 hashtags. Utilise the allotted space to add the ideal combination of hashtags, and watch as your post’s views increase.

#7. Conduct a Giveaway

Giveaways are a fantastic way to work with other businesses or producers. They increase your level of participation and are enjoyable to take part in.

Additionally, working with authority is the best course of action if you want to demonstrate the reliability of your goods or service.

Now that you know how to get collaboration on Instagram, it’s time to dwell on your other queries like how to collaborate on Instagram, collab posts, etc.

How To Collaborate On Instagram?

Instagram collabs are pretty simple to implement and can significantly help your brand.

Are you prepared to use this function for yourself? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you:

  • Pick the photo or photos you wish to use for your Collab post first.
  • Once you’ve chosen them, choose the next option to view your post settings.
  • After selecting “Tag People,” choose “Invite Collaborator.”
  • Next, look up the user with whom you wish to collaborate.
  • After choosing them, click the checkmark to confirm.
  • Using Instagram Collab Posts for Reels

Working together on Reels is identical to posting on feeds, except that you post from the Reels tab rather than the standard post tab.

How To Accept Collaboration On Instagram

Have you received a request to collaborate on an Instagram photo recently? To accept this invitation and share this content on your channel, follow these simple steps:

  • On your Activity page, click the notification for the invitation.
  • When you click the blue “Review” button, a pop-up box appears where you can accept or reject the invitation to collaborate.
  • Then click “Accept,” and you can start.

Wrapping Up

It’a wrap! The Instagram Collab feature is the ideal tool to help you increase your brand’s exposure and reach on Instagram.

If you know how to collaborate on Instagram, you may easily double your reach and increase your engagement, whether you’re posting Instagram Reels or feed posts.

From influencer partnerships and sponsored posts to giveaways and cross-promotion activities, there are many different types of brand collaborations that you can participate in on Instagram.