Linktree vs Super Profile: Which is the Best for Link Optimization?

The blog compares two popular link management tools, Linktree and Super Profile, and explores their unique features, benefits, pricing, and integrations to help readers make an informed decision on which one is best for their link management needs.

If you’re looking to streamline your social media presence as a content creator and make it easy for your audience to access all of your content in one place, a link in bio tool is your way to go. These tools help you house all your important links by allowing you to create a landing page.

This makes it easier for your audience to find what they’re looking for, without the hassle of searching through your entire profile for just one thing. Linktree is a popular link in bio tool that’s been there for a while and is prominently used by businesses, influencers, and bloggers.

However, if you’re looking for something more visually-appealing and feature-rich, then you should definitely consider checking out Super Profile. It’s more than just a bio link tool and is an exceptional alternative to Linktree.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring both of these tools in depth, highlighting their core competencies, shortcomings, and everything in between to help you determine which one fits the bill for your content creation endeavors.

Linktree Vs Super Profile – Complete Overview  

While macroscopically serving a similar purpose, both Linktree and Super Profile differ based on their underlying intricacies. Linktree’s vision is aligned sharply towards helping their users share everything they are, with just one simple link.

On the other hand, Super Profile strives to empower creators to go independent with their skills. It serves as a unified platform that provides you with almost everything you need to share, sell, and monetize your content independently as a creator.

Getting Started

First thing first, you need to register yourself as a creator on both of these platforms, which is absolutely free of cost in both. You can do that by accessing their homepage and choosing the respective registration option.

Linktree allows you to sign up with your Google account, Apple ID, or any other email you’ve got. Super Profile, on the other hand, features single sign-on with your mobile number, and also allows you to proceed with your Google account or any other email address.

Then, the latter asks you to enter your first and last name, choose a title that describes you the best, and select one way from various available options you plan to use the platform. The former starts by asking you your basic information such as your name.

Then, it requires you to choose a category that perfectly describes your purpose on this platform, and you can position yourself even more keenly by choosing a more specific category optionally. Once done, you’re also required to choose from a variety of subscription plans, including the free version.

Primary Features

FeatureLinktreeSuper Profile
Free plan availabilityYesYes
Customization optionsLimitedAdvanced
Marketing integrationsNoYes
Monetization optionsNoYes
Create and sell online coursesNoYes
Detailed analytics and reportingNoYes
Withdraw earnings instantlyNoYes
Grow your community (create groups, fan clubs, host events, webinars)NoYes
ability to add links to social media profiles and other websitesYesYes
Track clicks on linksYesYes

Profile Options

As soon as you enter the dashboard, Super Profile provides you a comprehensive user-interface to personalize your profile. You can start by choosing an avatar or profile picture for your landing page, setup a username, add a bio, and include some buttons with links to your content pieces.

There’s also an option to feature your exclusive content on the top, known as the “highlights” feature. The profile section allows you to add your desired content pieces that you want to showcase through blocks that support a myriad of content formats.

Linktree, on the other hand, limits the profile options to only a few operations that a creator can do. You can only add the link to your desired content pieces, give them a title, make some changes in the header and that’s all.

To change your display picture on this platform, you’ll have to navigate through settings instead.

Appearance Options

Super Profile allows you to customize your audience’s user experience to a great extent by allowing you to choose from over 24 available themes, eight fun backgrounds with gradient and color customization, social icon designs, block shapes, fonts, colors, and a lot more.

While Linktree also provides almost all of the customization options as Super Profile, a lot of those themes and options are only exclusive to pro members. Super Profile provides creators full control over their landing page’s user-experience without any limitations.

Analytics Options

To help you monitor your progress and plan statistically, Super Profile offers a wide range of analytics options, such as:

  • Activity data and graph for different timelines (visits, clicks, CTR, time to click)
  • Top locations based on country and city with both total and unique visits data
  • Top performing highlights, blocks, devices, and referrers
  • Clicks on your social connections

Likewise, here’s a comprehensive list of the analytics options offered by Linktree:

  • Lifetime views, clicks, CTR, revenue, and subscriber tracking
  • Activity graph for your specified time range
  • Top performing links, subscriber data, commerce-based insights
  • Top location, referrers, and device analytics

Among the various features, most of the options are locked for premium users only. Therefore, Super Profile clearly leads in terms of analytics as it provides a lot more data to its users for absolutely free of cost.

Customization Options

With Super Profile, you can set a warning for sensitive content on your profile, set a custom meta title and description, integrate your profile with analytics tools, and even hide the Cosmofeed logo, and of course, some of these require you to have a premium membership.

Linktree too offers a limited set of customization options that include the ability to integrate with mailing list services, e-commerce platforms, and analytics tools, as well as the ability to set a warning for sensitive content, add custom metadata, track conversions, and participate in affiliate programs.

While Linktree’s customization options are focused on e-commerce and analytics, Super Profile’s customization options are more oriented to monetize, grow and track the community.

Linktree Vs Super Profile – Pricing Comparison

Here’s a pricing comparison for both the tools:


  • Free version: Provides basic functionality, customization options, and limited analytics and management features.
  • Starter plan: $5/month or $4/month on an annual basis. Includes more customization options, monetization tools, and advanced analytics.
  • Pro plan: $9/month or $7.5/month on an annual basis. Includes even more customization options, marketing tech and integrations, and all-time data access for analytics.
  • Business plan: $24/month or $19.5/month on an annual basis. Includes access to all features and functionalities, account management, custom domains, and a dedicated support team.

Super Profile

  • Free version: Provides basic functionality, customization options, and limited analytics and management features.
  • Pro version: You can unlock all PRO features for free by inviting 3 friends to create their Super Profiles on Cosmofeed, or by buying it for Rs.200. The Pro version includes profile button, designer themes, profile highlights, hide Cosmofeed logo, scheduled blocks, lifetime analytics, animated blocks, tracking integration.
FeatureLinktreeSuper Profile
Free versionAvailableAvailable
Paid plansStarter ($5/month) Pro ($9/month) Business($24/month)Pro (Rs.200)
Additional features in Paid plansAdvanced Themes, video backgrounds, custom buttons, schedule and spotlight links, email and phone number collection, embedding tweets and YouTube videos, code lock on links, MailChimp, Google Sheets, Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook API, all-time data access for analytics, UTM parameters to links, SEO settings such as meta titles and descriptions.Profile button, Designer themes, Profile highlights, hide Cosmofeed logo, scheduled blocks, Lifetime analytics, Animated blocks, Tracking integration

Why Should You Choose Super Profile Over Linktree?

Super Profile offers a more robust set of features that can help content creators grow their community, monetize their content, and track their earnings. Here are some reasons why you might choose Super Profile over Linktree:

  • Advanced Monetization options: Super Profile offers more advanced monetization options such as the ability to host events and webinars, create and sell courses, track all earnings and withdraw them instantly.
  • Community Building: Super Profile allows you to build your community by providing you the ability to create groups, fan clubs, and host events and webinars. This can help you engage with your audience and grow your following.
  • Advanced customization options: Super Profile offers more advanced customization options such as the ability to hide the Cosmofeed logo, and the integration of analytics tools, giving you more control over the look and feel of your profile, and helping you tailor it to your audience.
  • In-Depth analytics: Super Profile provides you with lifetime access to analytics and reporting tools, so you can track the performance of your content and monitor your audience engagement.
  • Advanced features: Super Profile allows you to add features such as a sensitive content warning, Custom Meta Title and description, and hide the Cosmofeed logo, giving you more control over your online presence.
  • Pro version: Super Profile offers a pro version that provides additional features beyond the basic free plan, allowing you to fully customize your profile, and take advantage of all the features and functionalities offered by Super Profile.
  • Cost Effective: Super Profile is more cost-effective, you can unlock all PRO features for free by inviting 3 friends to create their Super Profiles on Cosmofeed, or by buying it for Rs.200.

In summary, Super Profile offers a more comprehensive and advanced set of features, designed to help you build your community, monetize your content, and grow your online presence, while also providing you with advanced customization options.

The Takeaway

So, that was all about the comparison between two of the best bio link tools available in the market. We hope that the information shared here helps you understand both the tools better and determine which one is more valuable for you to use.