A Beginners Guide For Instagram Monetisation

When it comes to Instagram, the most commonly asked question is how to earn money from Instagram in India, many people are unaware that numerous celebrities and content creators are making huge money using Instagram.

According to Statista.com, in 2022, Instagram had almost 229.6 million active users in India, which is steadily increasing. As a result, many users in India are exploring more about how to make money through Instagram in India and searching for new methods to generate money on Instagram.


Instagram is the largest social networking site in India. Furthermore, it is the most widely used network for businesses, people, groups, creators, etc. However, in this competitive world, nobody wants to lose out on their Instagram growth and brand awareness.

The Internet is filled with numerous resources, tools, and information on how to earn money from Instagram in India and increase your following. Still, there is a need for more reliable guidance on monetizing your Instagram account, particularly in India. So, Indian content creators must explore more about Instagram influencers, think of different monetization techniques, and discover original ways to monetize their Instagram accounts.

In this blog, we have listed seven ways to earn money from Instagram in India. Let’s get started! 

Earn Money From Brand-Sponsored Posts

Numerous brands utilize Instagram to advertise and promote their products and services due to its increased popularity. Brands contact creators with a sizable following to advertise their products to raise brand recognition, enhance visibility and engagement, and raise awareness. 

Moreover, brands will compensate you generously for your efforts in the promotion. Additionally, you may look for businesses that are relevant to your industry and submit a request to sponsor their products or services. By doing this, you can make a good amount of money.

Earn Through Promoting Affiliate Links

Consider affiliate marketing as one of your possibilities if you are looking for ways to learn how to earn money from Instagram page India and monetize your Instagram page. It is a fantastic technique to generate money when you don’t have your products. In affiliate marketing, you promote other businesses’ products and share the links in exchange for a commission on sales. 

Although Instagram forbids linking in other places, you can include tracking links in your bio. Anyone who taps on the tracked links is taken to the website, where they may look up product details. Once customers purchase using your affiliate link, you will be paid a commission.

Promote The Instagram Accounts Of Others

If you have a question about how to make money through Instagram in India, this is a perfect option. Who would want to avoid advertising oneself on Instagram and increasing their following? Everybody examines in the same places. If you have a significant following, you may assist other Instagram users in gaining more followers by promoting their accounts through your account. 

However, it is a form of passive income, yet it provides a decent amount of income. You may charge any amount you need based on the product, brand, and number of followers.

Create An Instagram Store

Instagram allows you to set up an online store if you run a business and want to sell your items there. You may sell your stuff using videos, stories, reels, and postings on the platform. The shopping process has been streamlined; your buyer won’t have to click on several links to find the goods.

To access Instagram Shop on your account, click the settings options and discover the Shop option. Initially, you must register for it but remember, only some brands can be granted access to it.

Become An Instagram Coach

You are crushing it if you have a large following, a ton of engagement, and a broad audience on Instagram. Why not share knowledge and help others in doing the same? Then this way is for you. People are always searching for how to earn money from Instagram in India, and you can become their coach and guide them to grow on the platform.

Everyone seeks the magic trick or secret recipe to increase their Instagram popularity. Why did you click on this blog to learn how to monetize an Instagram account if you don’t think this is true? Similarly to this, many Instagram users desire the same thing.

Provide Instagram Caption Services

The audience is initially drawn in by the captions. Many businesses need captivating and inventive Instagram captions to promote their products and services. If you are skilled at creating compelling captions, you should reap the benefits of this chance. 

Write engaging captions for your Instagram posts to grab users’ attention or highlight your skills. To persuade companies to write their Instagram captions, you can also draft example copy to provide to them. Make a strong portfolio and start pitching suitable people.

Get Started As Instagram Account Manager

Almost all celebrities or individuals struggling to manage their Instagram accounts due to their busy lives can’t control everything alone. Here comes an opportunity for you to reach out to them and request that you take care of their account. 

To begin with, you need to work on upskilling yourself, build a strong portfolio, and gain experience before contacting them. Initiate off by taking care of smaller accounts by charging less. At last, you will be capable of understanding the workings of the Instagram platform in this manner.


Apart from the above seven ways, there are numerous other ways to make money through Instagram. 

Instagram has been among the most widely used social networking sites and continues to provide interesting new features. Learning how to make money through Instagram in India is worth the effort.

There are several methods to generate money on Instagram if you can develop a following and win people over. Anybody can learn how to earn money from Instagram in India through the plethora of possible business opportunities.

FAQs Regarding Earn Money From Instagram In India

Q. How can I earn money from Instagram in India?

A. There are numerous ways to make money through Instagram, some of them are listed below:

  • Earn cash from brand-sponsored posts.
  • Earn through promoting affiliate links.
  • Promote the Instagram accounts of others.
  • Create an Instagram store.
  • Become an Instagram coach.
  • Provide Instagram Caption Services.
  • Get started as an Instagram Account Manager and many more.

Q. How can I use Instagram reels to make money?

A. An invite-only bonus scheme called Instagram Reels Play allows you to profit from the content you create for your reels. If you are chosen, an invitation and a pop-up notice will appear in your Instagram professional dashboard.

Q. What three categories of Instagram accounts are there?

A. There are three categories of Instagram accounts:

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account
  • Creator Account

Every Instagram account initially has a Personal profile. You can change a personal profile anytime to a Creator or Business account.