How To Earn Money From Facebook Pages

How to earn money from Facebook pages? 1. Promote Ads in Videos 2. Create Fan Subscription Model 3. Collaborate With Brands 4. Reward Users for Content 5. Earn From Live Video Streams 6. Sell Products On Facebook Marketplace

Money! Money! Money! Who doesn’t want it?

Well, guess what? With a massive user base and diverse features, Facebook provides numerous opportunities for people to make money, from running ads to selling products and services. 

There are nearly 3 billion people on Facebook. No wonder it’s still the darling of social networking sites. 

With that in mind, in this article, we will look to answer how to earn money from Facebook. 

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your reach or an individual seeking a side income, we have everything for you.

Let’s start by answering the most Googled question. 👇🏻

Can We Earn Money on Facebook?

Short Answer: Yes, you can.

Long Answer: 

Whether you’re creating video content, writing blogs, or want to grow your business, Facebook monetization tools help you generate decent revenue without having a hard time.

Moreover, the recent updates on the platform have brought countless new opportunities for creators and solopreneurs who’re looking to build a meaningful business and achieve their financial goals.

To be eligible for Facebook monetization, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Meet Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies: Your content must adhere to Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies, which cover areas such as intellectual property, authenticity, and community standards.
  • Have a Facebook Page: You must have one that complies with Facebook’s guidelines and has been active for at least 30 days.
  • Meet the Eligibility Standards: Your account should’ve at least 10,000 followers or 600,000 views on videos within the past 60 days.
  • Facebook Monetization is available in your country: You must live in a country where Facebook monetization is available. Facebook’s monetization program is currently available in over 100 countries.

However, it’s important to note that meeting these eligibility criteria does not guarantee monetization on Facebook.

Facebook reviews each application on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to reject any application that does not meet its standards.

That’s why you should try to stay eligible to earn consistently on Facebook. For further information, visit Facebook monetization rules.

Let’s look at the six most effective ways to earn money on Facebook without any clickbait.  

1. Including Ads in Videos

How to earn money from Facebook videos is no longer a mystery. 

Creating videos with in-stream ads is one of the easy and flexible ways to maximize your earning on Facebook. 

If you’ve got a sizable audience, you can place short ads between your videos and make money while creating engaging content for your users. 

Facebook has a program called Facebook Ad Breaks that allows creators to monetize their videos by including short ads in them.

Ad breaks provide a fair opportunity for creators who’re still trying to figure out how to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos.

Here’s how it works:

  • Eligibility Criteria: You must have at least 10,000-page followers and 600,000 video views in the last 60 days to participate in Facebook Ad Breaks.
  • Enable Monetization: Visit Creator Studio and select Monetization. Once you have satisfied the eligibility requirements, you can activate monetization for your videos. Following that, you may decide which videos you wish to monetize.
  • Insert Ad Breaks: Once your videos are monetized, you can insert ad breaks at natural breaks in your content. Ad breaks can be as short as 15 seconds and can appear in the middle of your videos.
  • Earn Money: Finally, take a cut of the money your films’ adverts produce. Your earnings will be influenced by the number of views, interactions, and advertising rates in your area. 

2. Fan Subscription

Fan Subscription, now called ‘Subscription’, is a fantastic way to get rewarded by your supporters for the content you put out through a monthly fee. 

To earn money from subscriptions on Facebook, you need to follow these five simple steps:

  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for fan subscriptions, you must’ve 10,000 followers, 50,000 post engagements, and 180,000 watch time.
  • Set Up Subscriptions: Visit your Facebook page settings and select the ‘Monetization’ tab to set up subscriptions. From there, choose ‘Subscriptions’ and decide how much a month’s subscription will cost.
  • Offer Exclusive Content: To encourage fans to subscribe to your fan subscriptions, you need to offer exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes footage, early access to videos, personalized shoutouts, and more to hook your audience.
  • Promote Your Fan Subscriptions: You can advertise your fan subscriptions on your Facebook page, other social media platforms, and your website to attract new subscribers. Also, you can work with other creators to boost each other’s fan subscriptions.
  • Payouts: Once you have subscribers, you can earn money from subscriptions through monthly payments. On mobile devices, Facebook takes a 30% cut of your earnings, and you can track your earnings and subscriber count in your Creator Studio dashboard.

3. Brand Collaboration

Brand collaboration is a popular way to expand your earning potential on Facebook. 

You can leverage your audience base to partner with brands, promote their products or services to users, and earn decent money.

So, how to earn money through brand collaboration on Facebook? Here’s what you need:

  • Have a Loyal Following: You need a sizable Facebook following to draw in businesses for collaboration. This entails consistently publishing top-notch content that entertains and motivates your audience to engage with your page.
  • Identify Potential Brand Partners: Look for brands that align with your interests and the interests of your audience. You can do this by researching brands relevant to your niche or by reaching out to brands you use and enjoy.
  • Content Is The Key: Create engaging content that showcases the products or services of the brand you’re working for. This includes posts, videos, or live streams highlighting the brand and its offerings.

Finally, you should track and analyze the results of your brand collaboration. This will help you understand how effectively the campaign reached your audience and drove sales for the brand.

4. Rewards For Content

In its new monetization updates, giving a major push to authentic content, Facebook announced wider earning opportunities for creators who craft and promote original content.

As part of these, Facebook has also come up with ‘Challenges’, a refined incentive program that allows creators to make up to $4000 by creating high-quality, engaging Reels on Facebook.

Challenges are a series of dares given by Facebook to the creators. Here’s how it works:

  • Creators can participate in several sequential challenges, like gaining a certain number of views on their Reels.
  • As soon as you finish one task, you’ll be redirected to the next challenge
  • Your progress will be reset back to #1 after every 30 days

Furthermore, Facebook has also rolled out the insights feature that allows creators to easily track their performance and how much they’ve earned. 

5. Earn During Live Videos

If you love live streaming on Facebook, this is for you.

Facebook Stars take Facebook live streaming to another level. Stars are a unique way to earn money by connecting to the viewers during a live video.

Every star is worth one cent. That means you can be rewarded with a good sum of money for creatively expressing yourself.

However, this feature is still in the beta phase and is limited to selected creators.

6. Selling Products on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook brings you its digital brick-and-mortar shop- Marketplace, a platform where users can buy and sell items within their local community. Over 1 billion people use Facebook Marketplace monthly.

That gives you a huge opportunity to sell your product and services on the platform and make a sizeable income.

Here are some ways to earn money from Facebook Marketplace:

  • Sell Unused Items: Look through your home for items you no longer use or need, and list them for sale on Facebook Marketplace. This could include clothing, electronics, furniture, or automobiles.
  • Flip items: Flipping items attract massive profits. You can achieve this by seeking underpriced things, negotiating with sellers, or locating items that are in high demand and then selling them for a higher price.
  • Offer services: If you have a particular skill or service, such as photography, pet-sitting, or house cleaning, you can advertise your services on Facebook Marketplace.

Having said that, you must be aware of some tips before getting started with the Marketplace:

  • You can’t list items below INR 20 to sell on the Marketplace
  • Facebook allows a maximum of 10 listings per week
  • Make sure all the products comply with Facebook’s Commerce Policy

Wrapping Up

The question we began with- how to earn money on Facebook has changed to how much you can make here. The possibilities are endless.

You can increase your revenue and meet your financial objectives by exploiting Facebook’s sizable user base and several built-in features.

Start looking into the various Facebook income opportunities now to see where this thrilling trip takes you!