How Freelancers Can Use Super Profile to Showcase Their Work

Living as a freelancer has its own perks – you get to work at your convenience, not take orders from anyone, and even charge what you feel is right. It may be quite challenging initially, but getting things to work becomes easier along the way as you learn.

If done the right way, freelancing can be a highly lucrative career opportunity that can yield significant income for you. The first step to getting started with this is to highlight what you can do for your potential clients.

Now, there are many ways to showcase your work and prove your authority in the eyes of potential clients, but only some things may be suitable for you. Depending on your specialization and skills, choose a handful of methods and stick to them instead.

That being said, let’s take a look at how freelancers can showcase their work with the help of Cosmofeed’s Super Profile:

Start Your Own Blog

A great way to establish your expertise and authority in an industry is to publish quality articles around it. It helps your audience find answers to their queries from someone who knows their stuff and, in return, demonstrates your skills without sounding salesy at all.

You can also receive organic traffic on your website through search engines if your content qualifies enough to serve the query’s intent. Using this, you can showcase your services on your blog using Super Profile and convert your visitors into potential buyers.

Blogs are also great for establishing a personal brand in your niche and becoming a thought leader. You can easily create a website through a CMS like WordPress or Joomla. Alternatively, if you already have a website, start a blog there.

Create Value on Social Media

Freelancers must have an active social presence on relevant platforms. Your profiles should speak up about your work so potential clients know where they can reach out to you. However, it’s not as easy as it seems to generate viable results from social media.

Your sole purpose with social media should be to produce valuable content that helps people solve their problems. You can then share these valuable content pieces on your other channels like your blog, community, etc.

Once you have great content and an audience that reads it, you can use Super Profile to promote your work expertise on any of your preferred platforms. Just share the unified link on your desired social platform, and you’re good to go. Here is the screenshot for your reference:

Engage in Communities

One of the best ways to showcase your expertise to a highly relevant audience is to engage in niche-related online communities. You can choose to share your helpful content, engage and interact with the various members, or even answer a few questions that members have.

With time, you’ll gradually gain visibility in the community, and people will begin to recognize you, perceiving you as an authority. Most of the time, these community channels land you much work and even a lot of referrals from fellow community members.

You can even choose to create your own online community through Super Profile and drive value there. It can be a great source to fill up your client pipeline as a freelancer and never run out of work again.

Publish Case Studies

Case studies are one of the best ways to showcase your work as a freelancer as they demonstrate your skills in action and the results you’ve achieved with them for your clients. Case studies can help you get more such work easily if you provide your services in a particular niche.

Case studies work so well because they develop trust in the eyes of your potential clients by providing them with proof of concept. Case studies are often bookmarked and shared more than any other form of content available.

Through your published case studies, prospects get a clear idea about how you work, the processes you follow, the ethics and tactics you adopt, and much more. Super Profile can help you publish and share your case studies with your potential audience on any social channel.

Design A Freelance Portfolio

A portfolio is a dedicated tool to showcase your work to potential clients; that’s what its purpose is. It’s the best way to put yourself in front of businesses and showcase the diverse set of projects you’ve accomplished with excellent results.

It would help if you had an up-to-date portfolio with a proper structure and layout to ensure that your audience understands what you’re trying to communicate. It should also feature options to contact you at the top or the bottom.

Also, ensure you precisely describe your projects and what you’ve done to complete them. You can use Super Profile to create a single-page portfolio with links to all your top workpieces and contact information on a user-friendly interface.

Also, check out the video regarding how freelancers can use Super Profile to Show Case Their Content:

The Takeaway

Living the laptop lifestyle is still a dream for many, but not everyone can get the hang of it. The utter independence of freelance comes with the cost of being called a business while doing every possible thing on your own. We hope you understand how you can showcase your work as a freelancer using Super Profile.