Gen Z’s Social Media Usage in 2023

Social media world influences GenZ’s deeply! Here is the complete guide on GenZ’s using social media in 2023!

Do you know 88% of GenZ are constantly engaging with YouTube, followed by 76% on Instagram, 68% on TikTok, and 67% on Snapchat? On average, a GenZ spends about 2 hours 53 minutes scrolling social media feeds every day., says a report by Global Media Landscape

Another report states over 50% of GenZ trust creators buy products recommended by them. 

Looking at these statistics, it can be concluded today’s generation is highly influenced by social media platforms, and its usage in 2023 and the upcoming is only going to elevate! 

Only a few years ago, hardly 77% of GenZ were available on social media sites; however, today, the number has risen by 95%. This usage is not limited to younger teenagers, whereas kids between 12 to 16 years are constantly in action. With such a high percentage of GenZ on the internet, it would not be wrong to say this generation is all about digital gadgets and online engagement. 

Not just scrolling pictures or pictures, teenagers use social media sites for various purposes. Nearly 41% of social media users stay online to chat with their friends, 14% complete their pending schoolwork, and 34% read current news and events happening in the world. 

A major percentage of users are the ones hopping from one brand to another and constantly shopping on social media, which keeps them busy throughout the day and even at night! 

GenZ’s Using Social Media

According to a report by businessdit, nearly 6.1 million GenZ are continuously using social media sites in the United States. In 2023 and upcoming years, the number is expected to reach 10 million. Do you know the world presently has 1.3 billion social media users who fall between the 11 to 26 age group? 

Besides being active social media users, they are great buyers who get influenced by business marketing strategies and make decisions under the influence of excellent graphics, soundtracks, and, ofcourse, their favorite influencer promoting a product. 

Here is a detailed table showcasing social media usage frequency by different generations – 

GenerationDailyA few times per weekOnce per weekA few times per monthOnce per monthLess than once per monthNever
Generation Z50%18%9%10%3%4%6%
Generation X37%14%5%6%2%7%29%

It is pretty obvious that GenZ is the one who is most active on social media and uses it to the core. In the past, Facebook was the most used social media site; however, things have taken a 360-degree turn in the last decade. 

With the introduction of Instagram and the increased popularity of YouTube, GenZ considers watching long videos, reels, and pictures, listening to podcasts, experiencing a brand’s services, and indulging in other interactive activities. 

Today, Facebook is regarded as a veteran mainly used by millennials and boomers. Snapchat is used to share memories instantly, where you can click real-time pictures and share your happy or sad moments with your friends! Now, GenZs are gravitating more towards video content that looks appealing to the eyes as well as the ear; hence they prioritize Instagram and YouTube over other social media platforms. 

Why Do GenZs Love Social Media? 

Here is the list of reasons why GenZ are so obsessed with social media and why they are ever-active there

Stay connected constantly 

One of the primary reasons why most GenZ opens their phones even before opening their eyes in the morning is it keeps them connected to the world. Friends and family are life savers for all of us, and social media platforms ensure you foster relationships even with people you haven’t met in decades. It keeps you connected and gives you room to catch up, share stories, memes and make outing plans. 

Over the years, social media platforms have evolved as an area where friendships are formed and built. People find friends here, interact with them and make the best friends. Additionally, it’s a great way to keep your long-distance relationships alive! 

Keep an eye on changing trends. 

Social media is the house of all changing trends and current news. From boat-cut jeans to bell bottoms, off-shoulder tops to tank tops, these trends were first spotted on social media. A ton of new content is generated and posted daily on various social media platforms, including future trends. 

GenZs find these trends exciting and follow them religiously. Hence, they need to stay updated, or else they may feel out of the social loop. 

Social Media as a Career Option 

Do you know being present on social media, posting pictures online, and promoting a product has become a full-fledged career where you can grow personally, professionally, as well as financially? Over the years, being a social media influencer has evolved as a matter of pride. They are often treated as celebrities in their community. 

Today, GenZ considers it a high-potential career choice and takes continuous steps towards it. They post beautiful pictures, write engaging captions and use hashtags with the aim of getting viral. If worked continuously, it can be proven as a highly lucrative career choice! 

Why Do Brands Want GenZ On Social Media? 

We are living in a digitized era where everything happens on the internet. Today, businesses have ditched the old boring way of promoting products and have introduced social media marketing in their marketing strategies. 

Do you know whose major target audience is? It’s GenZ! 

Social media plays a major role in influencing the minds of the young generation. According to a study, nearly 50% of GenZ depend on social media to learn about a product and make purchases. That’s what all brand owners want; increased sales! Hence, it can be concluded that social media is an excellent way to reach unexplored horizons. 

GenZ are highly influenced by things their peers own. They are more likely to purchase a product their friend or a favorite influencer is recommending or using. This boosts sales; thus, it is important for brands to design and develop content that is relatable and creates a buzz that brings the product into the limelight. 

As per a report by Forbes, 97% of GenZ’s depended on social media for excellent shopping ideas. They understand trends and follow them blindly to fit in the frame. The same report states nearly 45% of them shopped from brands available on various social media platforms. Hence, it can be said social media is a powerful tool as it is revolutionizing the way the young generation shops. 

Wrapping Up

GenZ is growing up amidst technology and social media; hence its effects on them are quite prominent! They haven’t seen a world without the internet; therefore, spending a day without scrolling Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat feels incomplete to them! 

Although GenZ’s using social media exponentially, the usage is only going to increase in 2023 and the forthcoming years. Today, marketers and business leaders are making complete use of this opportunity and promoting products in the eyes of their targeted audience (GenZ). 

Right from colored hair strands to unique hats and caps, there is a market for everything on social media. Hence, it can be concluded that social media and GenZ go hand in hand, and there is no looking back from here. 

They use social media platforms to get information about a particular product, educate themselves, learn about current situations, or get connected with friends and family. No matter what, GenZ knows to use this power at its best! 

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FAQs Regarding Gen Z’s Social Media Usage

Q. Is Social Media Good Or Bad For Mental Health? 

A. According to a report published by HHCC, nearly 48% of GenZ’s agreed that social media negatively impacts their mental health in some other ways. Whereas another report says, nearly 58% of people out of 2000 believe they find relief while scrolling social media feeds as they get to connect with friends and family, watch their favorite creator, or make reels themselves, which brings a lot of joy and happiness. Hence, it is a debatable question! 

Q. List the major pros and cons of using social media 

A. There are several pros and cons of social media. On the one hand, where it keeps you connected with your old friends, it gives you room to compare your life with others which makes you feel anxious which is a major con of social media. 

Q. How is social media a source of entertainment? 

A. Social media is a leading source of entertainment which you can plug in or plug out at any hour of the day! As per the research by Edelman, social media promises a better and entertaining experience as compared to other networking sites, television, radio, or other sources. When you feel bored, you can watch a 30-second reel that entertains all users or list your favorite podcaster. With social media, it’s fun to be alone as well! 

Q. Who are counted as GenZ’s and Millelians? 

A. People in the age bracket of 11 to 26 years are considered GenZ’s. Whereas, Milleliens falls between 27 to 42 age bracket. 

Q. Which is the most used social media platform by GenZ? 

A. 88% of GenZ’s are constantly using YouTube, making it the most used social media platform. 

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