Best YouTube Channel To Learn Share Market In India

Stock market research is one of the most crucial ways by which traders are able to stay on top of their game of making money from the investment. The internet is full of individuals and companies that are offering stock market analysis for free. But, with all the different sources, it becomes impossible to judge which ones are actually worth spending time on. On the other hand, if you, like many other, think, let’s check YouTube for stock market research, then you will come across hundreds of videos that talks about the current share market affairs. 

But even here, the problem remains the same, and there is no way to validate if their research can be fruitful for you. As a result, to come up with a solution, we have curated a list of the best share market YouTube channels that provide deep insights, the latest market trends, and talk about best investment practices according to the latest changes that are happening in the market. So let’s find them out to make you learn about sharemarket the right way. 

FinnovationZ by Prasad

This stock market research YouTube channel covers all the aspects of the share market, such as investing, financial scams, mutual funds, success stories, case studies of companies, and more. In addition, you can click on the bell icon of this channel to get quick updates on the latest trends in the stock market by watching their latest uploads of videos and YouTube shorts. 

One of the features that make this channel stand out is how they are using YouTube Shorts to educate individuals about the complex topics present in the share market and investing. The use of graphics, stock videos, and whiteboard makes it easier for viewers to understand what the host is explaining. 

Person NamePrasad Lendwe
Channel NameFinnovationZ by Prasad
Channel StartedJoined Jan 13, 2014
Years Active9 years
Video LanguageHindi 
Creator CityBengaluru, Karnataka, India
Place of OperationBengaluru
Sub-CategorySharemarketing coaching
Number of Videos835
Most Viewed Video NameEP 05: Harshad Mehta Scam -1992 | Big Bull of stock market – Explained | हिंदी
Number of Views6.1M

Pranjal Kamra

The man behind the most influential stock market YouTube channel in India is Pranjal Kamra. He gave the same name to his stock market channel to keep his personal touch intact no matter how much the channel grew. Pankaj started creating videos in 2017, and at that time, he was not coming on camera. 

In his videos, you will find how easily he brakes challenging stock market terms to make viewers understand various concepts. Those who are new to stock marketing will love his videos and the way he explains things. In addition, Pranjal always makes sure that viewers understand the importance of saving money and then investing so they can become efficient traders. 

Person Namepranjal kamra
Channel Namepranjal kamra
Channel StartedJoined May 13, 2011
Years Active12 years
Video LanguageHindi
Creator CityRaipur, Chhattisgarh, India 
Place of OperationRaipur
Sub-CategoryFinance and share market
Number of Videos417 
Most Viewed Video NameStock Market For Beginners | How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market | Hindi
Number of Views13M

Trade Brains

Trade brains focus on teaching viewers about how to manage their finances and the stock market. In addition to providing free videos on YouTube, they also provide online courses and webinars where they talk about each aspect of share marketing. 

In their video Trade Brains always mention the importance of keeping patience when investing money and never stop about learning the latest trends in the market. Moreover, Trade Brains also showcase the practicality of not investing all your money in a single asset and how it should be divided so that even in the worst of cases, you don’t have to face the circumstance where you lose a majority of your investments. 

Person NameN/A
Channel NameTrade Brains
Channel StartedJoined Aug 27, 2017
Years Active6 years
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityBengaluru, Karnataka
Place of OperationBengaluru
Sub-CategoryStock market investing and trading concepts.
Number of Videos410 
Most Viewed Video NameHow to trade in Options Using Zerodha Kite? (Options Trading Demo) | Trade Brains
Number of Views343K

Asset Yogi 

Asset Yogi is a share market YouTube channel that is a one-stop for all your needs when it comes to financial guidance. In this channel, you will find videos that explain various concepts of asset management, investment, trading, the stock market, and more. Besides this, you also get to know interesting facts about the top trading individuals who have made a fortune from their investment techniques. 

Moreover, Asset Yogi also teaches how to leverage the power of compound interest to increase return over time. From his YouTube channel, new traders learn the key to investing for the long term, measuring their risk tolerance level, strategizing, and diversifying their stock portfolio. 

Person NameMukul Malik  
Channel NameAsset Yogi
Channel StartedJoined Aug 8, 2017
Years Active6 years
Video LanguageHindi
Creator CityDwarka, New Delhi
Place of OperationNew Delhi
Sub-CategoryEverything about money, investments & business.
Number of Videos623
Most Viewed Video NameZerodha Kite Trading Tutorial with Buy, Sell Process | Zerodha App कैसे Use करें?| Intraday, GTT
Number of Views7M


Yes, Groow is a mobile app that lets you create an online Demat account and make stock market investments from your smartphone. Groww is on a mission to make new salary earners invest their money rightly, and so not only do they provide a platform where people can trade, but they also have a legit YouTube channel where they teach all the essentials of share market trading and investing. 

Right now, Groww has more than 40 million active Demat accounts on their app, and with the help of their YouTube channel, they are aiming to increase these numbers. On their YouTube channel, you will find videos that dive deep into topics such as the diversification of assets and their mindful allocation, reviewing and rebalancing a portfolio, how to recoup market losses, and much more. 

Person NameLalit Keshre
Channel NameGroww
Channel StartedJoined Jun 23, 2017
Years Active6 years
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityBengaluru, India
Place of OperationBengaluru
Sub-CategoryStocks and Mutual funds investmen.
Number of Videos2K
Most Viewed Video NameHow to Invest in stock market for Beginners | Groww app kaise use kare | Buy & Sell Shares on Groww
Number of Views1.9M

Elearnmarkets by StockEdge

StockEdge is the creator behind the Elearnmarkets YouTube channel. In this channel, you are going to find videos showcasing why it is not a good idea to invest all your money in one company, how to do thorough research before investing, analyzing the stock fundamentals and measures to know if the stock fits your portfolio or not. 

Likewise, this YouTube channel also covers the concepts of time horizons based on financial goals and multiple investment strategies like value investing, growth investing, and income investing. They show you case studies of successful investors, the importance of comparing current market price with the fair market value, debt-to-equity ratio, price-to-book value, and many more. 

Person NameVineet Patwari
Channel NameElearnmarkets by StockEdge 
Channel StartedJoined Dec 24, 2013
Years Active10 years
Video LanguageHindi
Creator CityKolkata, West Bengal, India
Place of OperationKolkata
Sub-CategorySimplify Finance.
Number of Videos1.2K
Most Viewed Video NameFutures और Options से बड़ा पैसा कमाने का सही तरीका Mitesh Patel का |
Number of Views2.8M

Trading Chanakya

Another great YouTube channel to learn about the Indian share market is Trading Chanakya. The technical analysis of stocks that trading Chanakya does is one of the best in the industry. The content present on this channel is relevant for both new investors and expert investors. Trading Chanakya shows you how to find the shareholder pattern before you invest in stocks. The host has tremendous knowledge of promoters who have a significant influence on company decision-making. 

As a result, he guides new investors if buying a stock of a specific company will be fruitful for their portfolio or not. Apart from this, Trading Chanakya also teaches about the importance of investing in mutual funds. According to this channel, mutual funds are more of a safer stock in comparison to the stock market. If you have no prior knowledge of the share market, then this channel is the one that can enlighten you with all the necessary information about the market. 

Person NameAnmol Mittal
Channel NameTrading Chanakya
Channel StartedJoined Jan 2, 2017
Years Active6 years
Video LanguageHindi
Creator CityN/A
Place of OperationIndia
Sub-CategoryStock market technical analysis.
Number of Videos1.1K
Most Viewed Video Name(VWAP) – 100% Profitable For (intraday trading) – By Trading Chanakya 🔥🔥🔥
Number of Views991K

Sunil Miglani 

Sunil Miglani caters to the needs of investors in a different way. On his YouTube channel, he puts a lot of emphasis on the psychological aspects of the stock market. He is also one of those individuals who have successfully correlated human psychology with the stock chart to find profit-making patterns. Furthermore, in his videos, he talks about how much research has gone through to come up with the facts and tips that he teaches to his viewers. 

One of the most important concepts that he wants every single investor must consider when they are purchasing stock in the company is its size of it. The size of the company needs to be compared to the risk tolerance of the investor in addition to the time horizon before individuals think about making a purchase.  

Person NameSunil Minglani 
Channel NameSunil Minglani 
Channel StartedJoined Nov 3, 2014
Years Active9 years
Video LanguageHindi
Creator CityDelhi/NCR, India
Place of OperationDelhi
Sub-CategoryExpert on behavioral aspects of Stock Markets.
Number of Videos619
Most Viewed Video NameNine Golden Rules for IntraDay Trading ( In Hindi) || Bazaar Bites Episode-38 || Sunil Minglani
Number of Views2.7M

Market Gurukul

Prakash Gaba, who also goes by the name Market Gurkul is one which provides detailed information on stocks with the addition of income scores and symbols. Most of his videos cover the real-time scenario of the share market. To help viewers make better investment decisions. 

Apart from this, he also makes videos explaining the various terminologies of the stock market, such as price action, Fibonacci retracement, stock history, and more. If you are interested in opting for an online course that showcases various aspects of the share market and investing, then his “Free technical analysis course for the Indian stock market” is the way to go. 

Person NamePrakash Gaba
Channel NameMarket Gurukul
Channel StartedJoined Feb 9, 2013
Years Active10 years
Video Language184
Creator CityN/A
Place of OperationIndia
Sub-CategoryTechnical marketing analysis.
Number of Videos184
Most Viewed Video NameCandlestick Analysis in Hindi
Number of Views2.3M

CA Rachana Ranade 

CA Rachana is one of the most popular financial YouTubers in India, and her channel ranks among the best share market channel run by a single individual. She started her channel to make the Indian audience financially independent. She currently has over 10 years of experience and has educated more than 10,000 students in person. Along with this, she has 

taught 5,00,000 students online. 

Person NameRachana Phadke Ranade 
Channel NameCA Rachana Phadke Ranade
Channel StartedJoined Mar 10, 2009
Years Active14 years
Video LanguageEnglish
Creator CityPune, Maharashtra, India
Place of OperationPune
Sub-CategoryStock Market in simplified language.
Number of Videos1K 
Most Viewed Video NameBasics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture 1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
Number of Views24M

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best share market YouTube channels that will smoothen your journey of informative investing. These YouTube channels could be your next mentor and teach you some of the most valuable lessons in the field of investing. But keep this thing in mind, and you should only subscribe to those who you truly believe can be beneficial for you. Check all the YouTube channels we have mentioned in the list, watch a few of their content, and then decide which one aligns well with your requirements and goals. Keep on watching, keep on learning.