7 Best Instagram Growth Tools To Increase Your Follower Base

Over the past decade, Instagram has experimented and improvised consistently to continue supporting its creators and influencers. With each feature update, the platform adds value to its users. Our recent research shows that more than 2 billion people actively use the forum.

And as a content creator, Instagram is paving the way for you to expand your business online. With several trade-oriented features like product tagging on stories and posts and shoppable feeds, companies/ organizations like yours can sell online more quickly and easily.

However, to stay competitive, you need to know the tools of the trade required for the purpose.

7 Best Tools To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Here’s a quick rundown of 7 fantastic tools that will allow you to market yourself or your business on Instagram and grow your audience:


Hootsuite is one of the most comprehensive tools for social media management. With this tool, you can automate post-scheduling and gain access to key performance metrics, and gather big analytics data.

You can try the professional version of the tool free for the first 30 days. Hootsuite’s wide range of tools includes several influencer identifications, listening and engagement tools, and a fully-fledged social media publishing suite.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a complete suite of social media management tools that makes accessing and managing your social presence on Instagram a breeze. You can access this platform through web and smartphone applications to manage your handle on the go.

It offers several handy features to the users, such as a social content calendar, mentions monitoring, engaging with messages, AI-generated responses, review monitoring and engagement, proprietary bot builder, and many more.

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If you’re looking to increase the engagement of your Instagram, Woobox certainly fits the bill for you. Using this application, you can incorporate interactive marketing tactics such as gamification in your Instagram content.

You can easily use Woobox to create and run successful giveaways, contests, polls, forms, and more. This platform also allows you to increase engagement on your social posts by encouraging your audience to participate in the contests and giveaways you organize.


Seek is an AI-powered social media growth tool that allows you to gain real, organic followers for your Instagram handle. The platform helps you create a personalized campaign for your targeted audience to drive accurate results.

Using Seek is simple, too – you have to choose a list of accounts that share a similar interest or target the same audience. Then, Seek will interact with those users based on your targeting preferences to drive more users to your profile and help you grow.


FourSixty is a unique platform that allows you to convert your user-generated Instagram content into shoppable galleries. Whether you own an online store, run email campaigns, or promote through any other channel, FourSixty can help you sell efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, with features like auto publish, influencer tracking, and securing rights to UGC, you can rest assured that FourSixty is the only platform you need to sell more. It can integrate cohesively to look like a part of your brand identity.

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Iconosquare lets you take complete control of your Instagram growth by providing access to analytics and metrics-driven by data. The platform features a simple and intuitive dashboard to help you identify what works best and make data-driven decisions.

You can even export the reports for your preferred time frame in your desired format. Iconosquare also provides scheduling features across multiple accounts and encourages team collaboration.


If you’ve been working on your Instagram handle for a while, you know how hard it can be to develop content ideas and attract followers. Buffer helps you eliminate this problem by allowing you to repost click-worthy content with the tap of a button.

You can also use Buffer to share your content on the right platforms and gain hashtag suggestions for maximum visibility. The platform publishes everything for you with automated reports so you can focus more on things that matter.

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FAQs Regarding Best Tools To Grow Your Instagram Follower Base

What is the best Instagram growth tool?

There are several different growth tools available for Instagram with varying features. It’s hard to say which is the “best” as this may be subjective and dependent on your requirements. Based on your preferences, you may choose a tool you find the most useful.

How do I make my Instagram grow faster?

There are several ways you can boost the growth and engagement of your Instagram account. For instance, consider incorporating reels into your content strategy, working with influencers and ambassadors, cross-promote your content, and more.

How do you track growth on Instagram?

To track your growth on Instagram, you can use the built-in analytics tools on the platform or a third-party analytics tool instead. Either way, you’ll be able to tap into data-driven metrics that will allow you to make more informed decisions.

What is the best Instagram growth hack for 2022?

Not one thing can assure you of a massive growth boost on Instagram. What you should focus on to provide valuable content to your audience and use the right hashtags to gain reach and grow your follower base.

Final Words From Our Side

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms for content creators. With this platform, you can reach thousands of potential buyers in no time, provided you have the right strategy to acquire and convert them.

Growing your Instagram account doesn’t involve any complexities, and you can do it easily with the right tools and data. We hope you found the abovementioned tools helpful for your Instagram marketing endeavors.