7 Best Canva Hacks For Creating Eye-Catching Graphics On Social Media

Canva is one of the most popularly used tools for visual content used by graphic designers, digital marketers, and artists at the moment. This platform lets you design graphics, images, and videos for all purposes. Apart from providing users with a wide range of tools, it also allows users to take photos from Pixabay and Pexels to improve their designs. With online and offline presence, it has become the go-to platform for artists to let their creativity flow.

As with most software and platforms, one can get better at utilising Canva by spending more time on it and learning simple tips and tricks that can help one work faster. While this will not always help make your art look more visually appealing, it will make your life easier when it comes to using it. If you want to be better and faster at using Canva, you should keep the following tricks in mind:

Remember Canva Shortcuts

You do not need to drag your mouse around everywhere while working on Canva. In most cases and for most people, using a keyboard takes less time than moving a mouse, and once you get used to it, using simple keyboard shortcuts significantly cuts down your work time. You do not necessarily have to remember every single shortcut that you use – write the most commonly used ones on paper and keep it on your work desk. You’ll manage to memorise them in no time.

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Use Canva Brand Kit

The Canva Brand Kit is a fantastic way to ensure consistency in your design creatives. Having a brand kit lets your work’s tone and design stay the same even when multiple people are working on the same project. The brand kit allows you to easily play with fonts, images, and colors you have worked with on a project. You will need a Pro account to use this feature, but then again, Pro has a wide range of features that will make your life easier.

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Use Canva Elements

Break your design into elements and deal with them individually. You can move these elements forward & backward, lock, copy & paste, and edit them without changing the design of the remaining graphic. In addition, multiple elements can be grouped together, and the above-mentioned effects can be applied to the whole group together as well. Canva also has pre-defined templates in its catalogue to get you started.

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Save Multiple Copies

Whenever you make something in Canva, do not just have one copy of the final project saved. Instead, make multiple copies along the way while you are making the project and save all those copies. Undoing many changes simultaneously can be a hassle, which can be avoided if you already have another copy close enough to what you are going for. In addition, an older saved copy can be then modified into something different and maybe better than the first project.

Canva Hyperlinks

You can add links to the project you are making using Canva, and the process for doing it is relatively simple. First, you go to the design element or text box that you want to turn into a hyperlink, go to the link icon and add the target link in it. This means that even when you have finished the project, it will still have a hyperlink that you can use to redirect people viewing it to a website of your choice.

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Use Animations and Videos on Canva

The options for “Animations” and “Page Animations” can be used to simultaneously animate one or multiple elements of a graphic. This way, you can turn the static post you were thinking of making into a fun GIF or video. If you are going to post things on social media, it has been observed that videos perform better than images, which themselves perform better than GIFs. Canva, up until 2021, did not have an in-built video editing tool, and even today, more than a year later, many users of Canva are unfamiliar with the tool and have never tried it out for themselves.

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Be Part of a Community

No matter what you try to learn from online blogs, videos, and tutorials, it is tough to find solutions and helps in the same way that you can see from a person. Canva has a solid social media community on almost all major platforms, where people collaborate and help each other with their issues. Many people do not join these groups, either out of fear that they are not as good as the rest or for some other reason, but these people are missing out on an essential feature of Canva. Do not hesitate to reach out to people for help and help people who need it.

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While having an artistic and aesthetic sense for visual art might be something that some possess, turning your vision into art is now effortless, thanks to platforms such as Canva. No blog or video can summarise all the helpful tips you need to remember and all the cool things you can do on Canva; this place can be an excellent starting point for you to start learning and getting better at Canva with time.

FAQs Regarding Canva Hacks

Q. Are the Pro and Enterprise versions of Canva worth the purchase, or should I continue with the free version?

A. It entirely depends on the kind of use you have. Why did you install and start using Canva in the first place? If it is about learning and improving your skills, at some point or the other, you will have to start using a paid version of Canva because there are many tools and options hidden that are not accessible in the free version. The paid version is optional if you are a casual user who sometimes goes on Canva for an occasional poster.

Q. Which file formats can I work on and prepare using Canva?

A. Canva is more than just a tool for making finalised graphics. In addition to images that are JPG or PNG files, you can also work on GIFs, videos (MP4 usually), PDFs, as well as presentations.

Q. Is it necessary to have used software similar to Canva before starting on it?

A. One of the best things about Canva is the ease with which even newly starting people can start. So, no, there is no condition that you need experience handling any other software before you shift to Canva. However, having experience working on Adobe and similar programs can be additional help.