15 Best Bloggers in India You Should Follow in 2023

Wondering if you are the top bloggers in India? Here is the list of the best 15 Indian bloggers which brought a storm in the industry!

Blogging was first introduced in India in 2005, and since then, there has been no looking back! In the last decade, blogging has evolved as a full-time career option. However, the success is measured through the quality and consistency of the work. Reading blogs is a no-brainer if you want the latest updates and trending news at your fingertips. In India, there is a massive pool of bloggers who deliver and market excellent quality blogs that are inspired by the tiniest things on the Earth. 

Be it a blog on marketing, politics, technology, finance, fashion, entertainment, or more, there is something for everyone! Hence, it can be said blogging has a long way to go! Besides becoming popular faces, bloggers earn pretty well. On average, a blogger can make up to 3,00,000 INR just by writing. This number can rise up to 7,00,000 INR per month once you’re an experienced blogger. In India, there are several renowned bloggers who are known for their creativity and unleash it in the best way possible through words. Today, in this article, we have jotted down the 15 best bloggers in India you should definitely follow! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in! 

Here is the list of India’s top 15 bloggers to follow from today – 

Amit Aggarwal 

Amit Aggarwal is a popular name in the technical writing world as he was the first person who started it in India. He is the founder of Indian Blogging, which was first recognized by the Hindustan Times or HT. Over the years, he has contributed to several publications, including The Wall Street Journal India. With more than 7 incredible blogs in his name, Amit Aggarwal is one of the most respected bloggers ever born in India. His seven blogs include Dictation.in for voice typing online, Zerodollarmovies.com to watch free movies, Hundredzeros.com to download free- books, Indianbloggers.org to read excellent blogs by India’s best bloggers, Digitalinspiration.com to purchase Google Workspace Add-ons and Podgallery.org to access free podcasts. 

Started In:2004
Income Estimations:$60,000
Monthly Blog Traffic:1.7M (Source: Ahref)

Harsh Aggarwal 

Harsh Aggarwal, the owner of Shoutmeloud, is one of India’s fastest-growing blogs, which talks about Google AdSense, blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and domain and hosting purchases. By profession, Harsh Aggarwal was an engineer who quit his job to pursue his dream of writing and starting a blog. During the start of his career, he launched several camps all around India to spread the significance of writing and blogging. At Shoutmeloud, you can also avail free courses on various topics like building a blog in 7 days and steps to make money on email and social media. The primary source of earnings for this blog comes from consulting services, Affiliate Marketing and Adsense. Besides this, Harsh Aggarwal is also the owner of other blogs like WPSutra and CoinSutra. 

Started In2008
Income Estimations$52,434
Monthly Blog Traffic110K (Source: Ahref)

Shraddha Sharma 

Formerly a journalist for the Times Of India, Shraddha Sharma is the owner of a popular blog, namely YourStory, which talks about her interview experiences with people from all around the world. It is unique and interesting content that attracts a monthly traffic of nearly 1.3M audience. The blog primarily includes stories such as her personal story, SMB, enterprise story and social story. The blog also features videos on various sensitive topics, such as money and entrepreneurship. The main source of earnings for YourStory is Google Adsense. According to the reports, Shraddha earns about $30,000 per month from her blog. 

Started In2008
NichePR, News and Business
Income Estimations$30,000/month
Monthly Blog Traffic1.3M (Source: Ahref)

Pradeep Goyal 

Started as an engineer in the United States; Pradeep Goyal came back to India as he had enough to excel sheets and had an aim to start his own venture. Later, he built an interest in content marketing and started his own blog in the name of Cashoverflow. Cashoverflow began in the year 2015 and won the award for best blogging in 2017. Later in 2019, the blog hit over 4 million views, making a record. As the name suggests, Cashoverflow is an educational blog providing information about credit cards, online loan-earning, investments, banking and insurance. 

Started In2015
NicheMoney making, Finance, Loan
Income Estimations$5000/month
Monthly Blog Traffic52.3K (Source: Ahref)

Arun Prabhudesai 

Arun Prabhudesai was an engineer by profession who left his job in the US and returned back to India to start Trak in the year 2007. According to him, it was time for Indian startups to explode, and that’s what exactly happened! Named Trak, his blog is an integral part of Amorgs initiative, an emerging media company whose CEO is Mohul Ghosh. According to the statistics, Trak is the most-read business blog in India, with monthly traffic of 113k. Since its launch, over 20,000 articles, blogs, reviews, and opinions have been published there, covering topics like government policies, innovation, ideas, the stock market, other gadgets, smartphones, entrepreneurship, and leadership. They generate income through Google Adsense. 

Started In2007
NicheTech & Reviews
Income EstimationsApprox. Rs. 15-35 lakhs/month
Monthly Blog Traffic113K (Source: Ahref)

Varun Krishnan 

Founder of Fonearena, Varun Krishnan, is the chief editor of the blog and has been highly obsessed with mobile phones and other digital gadgets. As a result, he keeps on investing in new phones and technology to find the best fit for himself. Varun Krishnan earns about USD 22,000 per month through Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and Paid advertisements. Fonearena is primarily about mobile phones, the latest features, and all trends and news regarding technology. If you’re tech-savvy, this is the blog for you! 

Started In2005
NicheTech, Mobile, Gadget
Income EstimationsN/A
Monthly Blog Traffic1.1M (Source: Ahref)

Gaurav Tiwari 

Another legendary name in the world of blogging is Gaurav Tiwari. He is a developer, blogger, and marketer who runs a blog by his own name, Gaurav Tiwari. He always leads one of India’s leading digital marketing companies known as Gatilab. Back in 2008, he entered this field, and presently; he experiences a monthly traffic of 40.2k people. On his blog, he majorly focuses on offering educational content on topics such as Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Sports, tech, SaaS and tutorials. 

Started In2008
NicheContent marketing, SEO, Marketing
Income EstimationsN/A
Monthly Blog Traffic40.2K (Source: Ahref)

Deepak Kanakaraju

Starting in 2013, Deepak Kanakaraju is the founder of a leading blog called digitaldeepak.com. In the early stage of his career, he started off with bike advice, which became India’s number 1 blog for bike advice in no time. Later, he shut down the bike advice blog and moved towards creating a digitaldeepak.com blog. Besides being India’s top blogger, he is a columnist at entrepreneur.com and YourStory. Over the years,  Deepak Kanakaraju has conducted several workshops all around India and has written several books on digital marketing. 

Started In2013
NicheDigital Marketing
Income EstimationsN/A
Monthly Blog Traffic7.4K (Source: Ahref)

Archana Doshi

Kickstarted her blogging journey in 2007, Archana Doshi is one of India’s best food bloggers serving mouth-watering food recipes on our platter. Archana started her blog in November 2007 as archanaskitchen.com with the purpose to empower people with excellent cooking skills. She is known for her DIY solutions that blend well with every recipe. Her blog mainly talks about recipes, videos, meal plan, baking mix recipes and lunchbox ideas, recipe collections, and articles and contests. Her primary sources of income are Affiliate Marketing, Ads and Brand endorsements.

Started InNovember 2007
NicheCooking & Food
Income EstimationsRs.8 Lakhs/month
Monthly Blog Traffic649K (Source: Ahref)

Anil Aggarwal

An SEO expert and a full-time blogger, Anil Aggarwal completed his master’s in computers in India and began his blogging career in 2005. Since then, Anil Aggarwal has been unstoppable. His highest-selling blog was Flipa, for $35,000. Later, in the year 2010, Anil came up with his personal blog named blogger’s passion, which covers topics such as SEO, blogging and Affiliate Marketing. The primary aim of his blog is to educate the young generation about social media, ways to earn money online, or steps to generate traffic on your posts or links. Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and SEO consulting are some of the major sources of his income. 

Started In2005
NicheBlogging & SEO
Income Estimations$10,000/Month
Monthly Blog Traffic206K (Source: Ahref)

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal is a blogger who began her writing journey in the year 2004. She is a travel blogger who has visited more than 15 countries and every Indian state to experience true joy. She has a blog called Inditales which talks about her adventurous tales and inspiring stories. Recently, she wrote a book called The Mouse Charmers — Digital Pioneers of India. 

Started In:2004
Income Estimations:$1377/Month
Monthly Blog Traffic:71.6K (Source: Ahref)

Mansi Zaveri

Founder of ‘Kids Stop Press, Mansi Zaveri, is a young mother of two kids who started her career in 2011. Her blog talks about methods to simplify parenting and other related topics. The blog also features useful information on topics like pregnancy, infants & baby, breastfeeding, single parenting, skills & activities, postnatal care, education, and so on. 

Blog:Kids Stop Press
Started In:2011
Monthly Blog Traffic:13.8K (Source: Ahref)

Utkarsh Lokesh

Known as an edtech and digital media entrepreneur, Utkarsh Lokesh brought the wave of Ed Tech Review in India. He started his own blog in 2012 called Ed Tech Review. Here, you can find news, information, and resources about educational technology. The blog also features infographics, videos, books, reports & case studies, webinars, documents and courses to make it interactive and appealing. 

Blog:Ed Tech Review
Started In:2012
Monthly Blog Traffic:47.8K (Source: Ahref)

Jignesh Padhiyar

Known as the founder of iGeekBlogs.Com, Jignesh Padhiyar is a young blogger who started his blogging journey in 2012. Over the years, it has evolved as India’s most popular iOS blog to fetch the latest information about newly launched Macbooks, iPad, iPhones and other accessories. His prime source of income includes ads, sponsored reviews, affiliate product selling, and so on. 

Blog iGeekBlogs.com 
Started in: 2012
Niche: Tech 
Ahrefs Rank71,203

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is the owner of BloggersIdeas.com, which talks about digital space. Major topics covered in this blog are digital marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, making money online and more. Major sources of income include Selling affiliate products, collaborations with brands, etc. 

Blog name BloggersIdeas.com
Started in: 2009
niche:Digital marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO
Ahrefs Rank70,278


Blogging is one of the most preferred career choices, especially among today’s generation, who love to pen down their thoughts strategically and gracefully. Over the years, the hype about blogging has increased dramatically. And the best part about blogging is you can start it too anytime, anywhere! All you need is the skills to write and market the end product. Before all the hustle, the most important step is finding your preferred niche and posting good quality content consistently. If you’re able to do it right, you can mint a large sum of money from your blog, like these top 15 bloggers in India do! 

FAQs Regarding 15 Best Bloggers in India

Q. List the most successful Indian bloggers

A. The top bloggers in India would be Amit Aggarwal, Harsh Aggarwal, Shraddha Sharma, Pradeep Goyal, and Prabhudesai.

Q. Do bloggers earn good money? 

A. Yes, on an average, a blogger can earn somewhere between 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 per month. Whereas, an experienced blogger can even touch 10,00,000 or more per month. 

Q. How do bloggers earn? 

A. Mostly, bloggers earn through mediums such as affiliate marketing, sponsored blog posts or product reviews, ads, freelance writing, online shop, coaching, and consulting services.

Q. List India’s richest bloggers

A. Some of the richest bloggers in India are Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agrawal, Faisal Farooqui, Shraddha Sharma, and Anand Khanse

Q. What is Harsh Aggarwal blog all about? 

A. Harsh Aggarwal is a former engineer who started his bogging journey in 2008. He has a blog in the name of Shoutmeloud which deals with marketing and its various aspects. It is an educational blog that covers topics around making money on social media, attracting traffic, creating brand awareness and more. 

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